10 Cheapest Travel Destinations for Kenyans

cheap travel destinations for kenyans

According to a recent study, travel can make you smarter, happier and healthier. We’ve probably all imagined laying on a beach somewhere, sipping an exotic umbrella cocktail with absolutely no care in the world.

Perhaps it’s exploring landscapes of towering cliffs, sailing down the Amalfi coast or swinging at the edge of the world. Needless to say,we all have an epic bucket list of destinations we’d love to visit.


It’s said, “if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet.” This coming holiday is the perfect opportunity to live a little. Step out of your comfort zone and discover a world of endless possibilities. Experience different cultures, food and way of living. Most importantly, gain a new perspective.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 most affordable travel destinations for Kenyans to fly to. You can book return flights for as low as  KES 30,000. Pack bag guys! you deserve it. (prices valid at publication)

  • Zanzibar 
  • Kigali, Rwanda
  • Tanzania
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Athens, Greece 
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Phuket, Thailand 
  • Hanoi, Vietnam 
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Hong Kong





The archipelago is more than an island paradise. Characterized by soft sandy beaches, shimmering azure waters and blissful sunsets. Zanzibar is a multi-faceted destination offering intriguing culture, tasty cuisine and fascinating history. It fully caters to the budget traveller, as it has something for everyone.






Look out for the famously carved teak Zanzibar doors, Head to Jozani forest, Catch some sun at Nungwi beach, Visit the Prison island. And don’t forget to eat at Forodhani, definitely the best part for foodies.


Return Flights To Zanzibar From Nairobi from as low as

KES 32,000

Travel Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


A Bus To Dar-es-salaam From Nairobi Takes 12Hours at KES 3600

Kilimanjaro Fast Ferry To Zanzibar From Tanzania costs between KES 3500-5000


Check Out Airbnb and Trivago for prices as low as KES 1500

Kigali, Rwanda




‘The land of a thousand hills’ One of the only three countries where the endangered mountain gorillas live. Rwanda is extremely picturesque. So much so, the United Nations declared its capital, Kigali. Africa’s most beautiful city.



GorillaLake kivu




Drink Banana Wine, Meet mountain Gorillas, Coffee lovers ought to visit Huye, Check out the vibrant night scene in Kigali and epic Art at Inema art centre, Visit the colourful Conventional centre, Relax at Lake Kivu at the border and Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial


Return Flight To Kigali From Nairobi Costs As Low As

KES 28,000

Travel Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Bus fare

Modern Coast Bus To Kigali and Back cost KES 8000

Travel Time: 24 Hours


Check Out Airbnb and Trivago for prices as low as KES 1500





Tanzania is one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s quite similar to Kenya with a special twist. Home to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro for climbers, historical and cultural sites, beautiful lakes and for wildlife lovers the Serengeti National park made famous by the Lion King.
Driving from Kenya takes about 4 hours to reach Arusha. I personally love Arusha’s night scene.





Istanbul, Turkey




A mesmerizing mix of the exotic and the familiar. Turkey is much more than its cliched image of a “bridge between Europe and Asia”.Packed with ancient monuments left over from a parade of conquerors, rich history, famous food and glorious landscapes. Turkey simply awe-inspiring.
Sail in Turkey


See Majestic Castles, Smoke sheesha at a cafè, Experience Hammans (ancient Turkish bath)  -Have a stranger scrub you down.
Visit the ruins in Ani, Hike around natural wonders such as Pamukkale (aka “Cotton Castle”), Take a Bosphorus Cruise Tour, Bargain at Grand Bazaar Experience Istanbul’s romantic Beyoğlu district and nightlife.


Book Your Return  Flight To Istanbul From Nairobi For As Low As

KES 46,000

Travel Time: 15 Hours

Turkey E-Visa Requirements and Tourist Visa fee at KES 6000


Athens, Greece




Known for its plethora of ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, sunny beaches, tasty cuisine and friendly atmosphere, it is no wonder that Greece ranks among Europe’s top travel destinations.







Discover Acropolis Museum, Explore the Melissani Cave, Relax on Balos Beach, Visit the Monasteries of Meteora, Climb mount Olympus, Admire the architecture in Santorini, Visit Delphi,


Return Flights To Greece From Nairobi Costs As Low As

KES 60,000

Travel Time: 17 Hours

Here are the Thailand Visa Requirements  and Tourist Visa Fee is at 6900 KES


Check Out Airbnb and Trivago for prices as low as 2500 KES




Dubai, UAE

Sheikh Zayed Mosque



Glitzy Dubai is the United Arab Emirates’ holiday hot spot. This city of high-rises and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to a must-go-to destination.

Dubai is famous for sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls that come complete with mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes.



Dubai AquarAquariumDubai fountains



Go to the Ferrari world, oasis safari, Desert Safari in Dubai, visit heritage museum, mosque, Visit it’s Underwater Aquarium, Marvel at the Sheikh Mosque, shop at the Dubai Mall.


Return Flight To Dubai From Nairobi Costs

From as low as KES 36,000

Travel Time: 5 Hours

Dubai Visa Requirements and Tourist Visa Fee at KES 7000


Check Out Airbnb and  Trivago for prices as low as KES 2500

Phuket, Thailand



Thailand is an exotic destination that is at the top of my bucket list. Phuket, its largest island and one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Many first-timers head to the thronging sands of Patong, an area known for its hedonistic nightlife and many water sports, but there are beaches to suit everyone.



Thailand Thailand



Catch a boat to the scenic Freedom Beach, chill on Karon Beach, Enjoy the views from Kathu Beach. Phuket promises world-class shows, Exhilarating Muay Thai fights, Global cuisine in a range of eateries, and bars and clubs of every type. Hiking, go-karting, Experience Ethical Elephant interactions, Fishing, Snorkeling, and Jet skiing


Book A Return Flight Ticket For

As Low As KES 58,000

Travel time 13 Hours

Thailand Visa Requirements  and Tourist Visa Fee at KES 6000


Stay at surprisingly cheap hotels from as little as KES 2000

Hanoi, Vietnam

World's largest cave
Halong bay


As beach vacation destinations go, Vietnam perhaps isn’t the obvious choice. However, it’s developing into one of the finest holiday destinations. Home to the 8th wonder of nature, the largest cave in the world, two of the greatest cities in Asia and incredible mountaintop scenery. Beautiful lakes and French Colonial architecture all make this a must-visit city.


Lantern festival




Explore the World’s Largest cave, Sip “weasel tea“, Light a lantern at the Lantern festival, cruise the Mekong Delta, indulge in a bowl of Pho, Find Romance at Sapa’s love market, Visit Cao Dai Temple


Book A Return Flight Ticket To Hanoi From Nairobi For As Low

As KES 80,000

Travel Time 17 Hours

Vietnam E-Visa Requirements and Tourist Visa Fee at KES 2500

Cape Town, South Africa



Cape Town should be in your travel itinerary as this country offers a lot to see. Pristine beaches, Great Barrier Reef and Wanderlust spots to explore

South AfricaSHARK



Swim with Great White Sharks, Indulge in exquisite Wine Tasting,Take the cable car and view the city, Bungee jump from the World’s highest bridge, watch the beaches from the mountain peak, Surf, Visit Robben Islands and Golf by the Ocean play with African Jackass penguins at Boulders beach, relax at Kirstenbosch gardens


Return Flights To  Cape Town From Nairobi For As Low

As KES 46,000

Travel Time: 10 Hours

South African Visa Fee at KES 4950


Check Out Airbnb and Trivago for prices as low as KES 3000

Hong Kong

hong kongVictoria Harbour



Consistently rated one of the top countries to visit in Asia. Take a trip there not only for shopping but also to enjoy the vibrant and colorful city beauty



Appreciate the iconic skyline by on a night cruise to Victoria harbor, Try some authentic food ,Experience the nightlife at Man Kwai Fong, Legally bet at Happy Valley Racecourse, See the “Big Buddha” visit the Disney land, Hop on a cruise, Visit Kowloon walled city park or opt for day tour and spend some time shopping at the famous malls

Nan Lian Garden



                                   Book Your Flights For Hong Kong For As Low As KES 90,000
                                                      No visa required for Kenyans 


Check Out Airbnb and Trivago for prices as low as KES 3000


There you have it. I really hope you enjoyed the post. Do leave me a comment with your dream travel destination or bucket list. Also feel free to share, like and subscribe.


PS:Whether or not your travel plans this holiday might be limited to visiting your grandma, like me.Who’s to say we can’t dream a little! 

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