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21 Kenyan Bloggers & Vloggers You Should Know-Fashion|Travel| Food|Beauty|Tech|

There are so many talented bloggers and vloggers in Kenya. So much so that one can easily get overwhelmed when searching for a particular niche. Luckily, you have yours truly to steer you in the right direction.  ( insert confetti and dancing puppies)

Without further ado, here are the top 21 Kenyan bloggers and vloggers you should follow in 2019. I’ve divided them into 6 sections so you can skip right ahead

  • Travel
  • Food
  • Creative Writing
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Vlogs


kenyan bloggers and vloggers

Farhana Oberson

One of the most influential travel vloggers in Kenya with over 49,000 subscribers. Her vlogs revolve around insane travel adventures where she takes us along with her. She focuses mainly on food, travel & fashion, covering life in the coastal region.


The Kenyan Camper

His blogs are about camping in Kenya, a pretty adventurous space in my opinion. He’s been traveling for nearly 15 years now and focuses on camping, camping sites and self-catering facilities in Kenya





Viola and Yasmine Adventures

Run by the two, Viola and Yasmine, as the name suggests, they capture their best moments while traveling around Kenya. They also do extensive reviews of hotels and restaurants.


Source: Instagram- ombachi_dennis

We Men Should Cook

I stumbled upon this culinary genius while scrolling through bloggers in East Africa’s Instagram page and I have to admit I was blown away. Not only is Dennis Ombachi an Internation Rugby player but he cooks too!! from scratch! how awesome?



Spoiled for choice about where or what to eat? Then check out Kulanini’s Instagram page or website. They review restaurants, food, events & drink in a bid to enrichen your experiences while eating out. They go even further and compare prices for you, so if you’re looking to spoil one of your love interests, there’s no need of wasting time on google.



Kaluhi’s Kitchen

This section wouldn’t be complete without renowned food blogger Kaluhi Adagala. Winner of best Kenyan Food Blog for 3 consecutive years. 26-year-old Kaluhi goes above and beyond to whip up simple yet divine Kenyan recipes using locally sourced ingredients. She thrives to show us that cooking can be fun and easy.



Disclaimer- These writers also write happy articles, I just realized I’ve only highlighted sad ones. Although, in my defense, these articles are really intense and powerful and you’ll benefit from checking them out in one way or another.

Mark Maish

Mark highlights the typical life of a Kenyan millennial- Nairobi nightlife, entrepreneurship, dating & relationships, the middle-class nightmare. If you follow me on social media, then you probably know I raved about this blog a few weeks ago. I’m a sucker for good reads.

Among others, this is a great one( if you read nothing else, at least read this) – confessions of an Uber driver


Biko Zulu

If you haven’t heard of this wordsmith then you probably live under a rock, or you just haven’t met me lol. Just read his book –drunk– if you’d like me to review it, comment below)

In a nutshell, Biko has the ability to turn anything into a story. Captivating, thought-provoking life-changing articles. The real-life stories completely change one’s way of thinking, you learn and grow immensely.

He ran a section where he encouraged people over forty to share their life stories. I literally got goosebumps and shed a couple of tears from reading this particular one (btw I don’t cry easily) You get a front row seat on how someones’  life can completely change in a matter of seconds- There were birds but they didn’t sing


Strokes of the pen

” …When I heard she took her own life, my heart sunk, literally. Partly because I blamed myself for not averting it and the other part remains a mystery to today but it never felt like ordinary grief. We had met three months prior to her suicide and had conjured a peculiar but strong bond of friendship.”



kenyan bloggers and vloggers
Source: Just Kaninte

Fashionable Step Mum

Don’t you just love Catherine Kariuki? Her beauty, style, and personality. Mother to six children she shares amazing fashion and beauty tips. Also, she recently started a YouTube channel where she occasionally features her kids.


The Dapper Brother

As far as fashionable Nairobians go, Muriuki Kagiri, founder of The Dapper Brother tops the list. He shares his personal style, grooming tips, and lifestyle on both his blog and YouTube channel. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know he’s back from his small hiatus.


Just kaninte

She’s all types of saucy!  in her own words, the blog is a diary of most young African girls through her eyes.

Denim and Cateye

Ran by the beautiful Diana Machira, the name is inspired by her sense of style which is chic and timeless.





Tech arena

The definite go-to for all things tech. Kaluki Wanjala compiles amazing reviews and compares phones and TVs. On top of that, he keeps his subscribers up to date on all industry news. Did you know that Telkom Kenya was giving its subscribers up to 10GB free Data, every night? ( firstly there’s nothing like free data, but don’t you wish you knew this sooner?)



Smatt geek media

In his own words, Mike Shiangala is a Technical Content Creator, S.E.O specialist, and blogger with a deep interest for smartphones, wearables, and gadgets. Smart geek Media has the ultimate how-to guides, comparisons, reviews, and hottest deals for all things tech.



kenyan bloggers and vloggers

Nancie Mwai

When it comes to beauty Nancie Mwai is the Queen. She oozes elegance and sophistication. An all-around content creator with a YouTube channel that features vlogs, home makeovers, travel, and beauty videos. I honestly can’t get enough of her.



Joy is goals, GOALS! I tell you. Also, her Instagram is hella lit, from beauty tutorials, fashion tips, food, travel, vlogs &how to videos. She’s the ultimate plug.



Joanna Kinuthia

Beauty guru turned entrepreneur. She’s the unrivaled go-to for all things make-up…You’ll not only fall in love with her sweet, bubbly personality but the step by step make-up guides on her Youtube channel.


Vloggers In Kenya

Miss Trudy

If confidence was a pill; Miss Trudy must have taken them all.  Her level of confidence is enviable. Who films themselves smack dab on the streets of Nairobi CBD.  What is she incapable of doing?


Ronoh Chebet

I just love how insane this girl is, with just 4 videos on youtube she has over 7,000 subscribers. Here’s why…watch till the end the dab killed me.


Wahura Kabutha

If you want a good laugh! Wahura is here for you.  lol, I love watching her videos. Authentic and Insanely hilarious.



I hope that you’ve enjoyed the list. Feel free to share who your favorite bloggers and vloggers in Kenya are…

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