new resolutions

4 Ultimate Fail Proof Resolutions For 2019

So the new year is here! HALLOOOOO 2019, and with it comes endless possibilities for us to ruin yet another year with fresh bad decisions.


Perhaps we take it a bit further &

  • Stick with that love interest. You know the one that constantly makes you feel like shit, but you love him and it’s better than being alone?
  • How about letting everyone make decisions about your life because well, don’t they know you best?
  • Also, don’t dare start that small business, what if it fails…what will people say!
  • Youtube Channel? Why bother…
  • Nope! Don’t even attempt to start on that diet. Are you really that mentally strong?


new resolutions

I love new years, mostly because of the fireworks and the notion of having an unspoiled clean canvas to work on. An opportunity to make better decisions, take risks and re-invent ourselves. Although, on the flip side, a new year means getting older.


I realized in about 7 months I’ll basically be 30 and the mere thought scares the shit out of me. Ok, 30 is an exaggeration by far but honestly once you hit 25, doesn’t it feel like a mad dash to the big three 0?


Worst still, when you get that overwhelming feeling of having done nothing concrete with your life- No prospects for a better job, No cute house on the outskirts of the city; with an antique bookshelf littered with all sorts of good reads. Right adjacent to the mustard wall it lies on, are two large glass doors that open up into a well-manicured green lawn.

Where pookie pie chooses to spend most of her time. When she isn’t barking at stray dogs near the fence, she circles, and stares at the newly constructed inviting mass of water, that glistens when hit by the midday sun. 

Also, No baby (a cute little munchkin that we’d name Mali or Tajiri because the names sound bougee) But we aren’t ready for baby Tajiri just yet so let’s not bother ourselves.

new resolutions


Swiftly getting back to our resolutions.  How about we make a pact to attempt to do things differently this time around. One thing at a time. Review the goals we’d set last year.

The ones we didn’t achieve and look at them with fresh 2019 eyes. Because at this rate what really do you have to lose… aren’t we in more than one way nearing the grave? Apologies for sounding morbid.


Cool Resolutions

Bust a Move

I’m sure by now you’ve watched the “dance for you” video by Beyonce. Goals right?

Learn how to passionately move your temple by attending a Passion en Fuego class. Meet the best dance instructors in Kenya for all things salsa, bachata, and Kizomba. Also a major weekend plan.

No Hablo

Luo? French? Portuguese….Go ahead and download Duolingo or Babbel for free. Better yet enroll at Goethe Institut or Alliance Francaise and spice up your year.

Chef It Up

Learn how to whip up exotic continental cuisines at Kris’s Kitchen that will leave your loved ones taste buds hella watery. Or maybe land you a man. For inquiries call 0708749400/ 0734020740


Goodbye Porsha

Less real housewives more reality. I recently discovered this affordable bookstore in town, Nuria Bookstore. Compared to Text Book Center its way cheaper. Actually, I bought the Tifanny Haddish –the last black unicorn-book there (insanely hilarious btw a MUST read. If interested hit me up for the pdf/epub version) Anyway, I ended up saving a whole 1000ksh!


That’s all for now. I’m by far the worst person to talk about the usual resolutions like getting into shape, less procrastination and eating more healthy. I’m struggling myself, but I did do 10 squats today!! YIPEEEE




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