5 Spectacular Places to Cycle around Nairobi

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F Kennedy

If you’re looking to explore Magical Kenya in a different way then cycling should be at the top of your list. With a growing biking community in Kenya’s capital, cycling trails are becoming a popular way to pass time, work out and make friends.

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5 Spectacular places to cycle around Nairobi

Kereita-Forest-places-to-cycle-in-nairobi-kenyaCourtesy: Baiskeli Adventures

  • Karura Forest
  • Kereita Forest 
  • Limuru Tea Plantation
  • Ngong Hills
  • Hell’s Gate

Kereita Forest

A cycling tour in the Kereita forest is an exciting adventure. It’s a single track that will heighten your senses and adrenaline as you wind your way through the dense tropical forests. Notable features to look out for is the Kereita cave and waterfall.


Rent a bike at Kereita Forest:

@Ksh 1000 for 1 hour  @Ksh 2000 for 4 hours

Ride your own bike at Kereita Forest @Ksh500

Rent E-Bikes at the Forest @Ksh 1500 for 1 hour

@Ksh 3000 for 4 hours

Karura Forest

Is a safe recreational space within Nairobi city that sits on 2500 acres of land. It has designated forest trails and due to the large volume of dwellers especially during weekends.


Rent a Bike at Karura Forest

@Ksh 500 for 2hours 

 Park Entrance Fee

Citizens Ksh 100

Residents Ksh 200

Non-Resident Ksh 600

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Limuru Tea Plantation

There are many different cycling routes on in Limuru, all offering panoramic views of the Tea plantations and her surroundings. Be sure to inform the landowner ask for permission beforehand 

Ngong Hills

Just 25 minutes’ drive from the city, Ngong Hills has many dirt roads, tarmac roads, a few single tracks, moderate climbs, and accessible trails, and is a perfect experience for a keen cyclist.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Did you know Hell’s Gate National park is one of the only parks that allow you to walk, cycle and drive through?

Hell’s Gate is a dream trail for riders looking a for a weekend getaway or day trip from Nairobi. Its It’s named as a result of the intense geothermal activity. The Park has spectacular scenery that includes the towering cliffs, water-gouged gorges, and stark rock towers.



Park Entrance Fee

Citizens Ksh 300

Residents Ksh 600

Non-Resident Ksh 2600

Places to Rent a bike

While preparing for an impromptu trip to Hell’s Gate National Park. I came across Rakesh from Baiskeli Adventures. He really helped with narrowing down a Biking trail and rented us bikes for an entire day at only 800ksh! How cool?

Whether you’re a beginner or cycling pro. Make a point to check out this epic cycling route.

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