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7 Creative Ways To Save For A Vacation

Travelling is expensive. This is a statement a majority of Kenyans believe to be true. Alongside the notion that it involves fancy tours, a faraway destination, and luxurious accommodation.


We are definitely not to blame after decades of being bombarded with commercials and travel magazines that depict messages equating travel with luxury.



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Good news though, vacationing on a budget is now cheaper than ever. With a little bit of saving here in there. A budget-friendly or lavish getaway is well within your reach. In Fact, below are 7 creative ways to save for your next vacation-

  • Decide when to vacation
  • Travel wedding gift
  • Give up expensive habits
  • Fill up a jar
  • Sell online
  • Rent a room
  • Create a saving goal


1. Decide when to Vacation

The end of the year is fast approaching, if you plan on using up your leave days on vacation it’s high time to start saving. Wherever your dream destination is, Turkey, Zanzibar, Thailand? it’s always cheaper to travel during the low peak season, so do your research and start planning and save for a vacation.

2. Travel Wedding gift

Are you about to say your vows? Jump on the trend of adventure seeking couples who are opting against the conventional gifts by asking willing guests to contribute to their travel fund instead of buying a gift.

Couples break down the cost of their upcoming trip together with activities they’d want to engage in E.g spa massage, bungee jumping, game drive, etc and guests pick what to pay for.



3. Give Up Expensive Habits

Would you consider exchanging that expensive long island, with a twisted straw for a cool and tastier one by the beach? Imagine a beautiful sunny day with the wind in your hair and sand between your toes. Wouldn’t it taste much better?

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4. Fill Up A Jar

Find an empty jar, whether it’s an empty blue band container or a mason jar. Someplace you can easily toss cons inside at the end of the day. If you can get the entire family to follow suit by tossing theirs in too.Even better.

Simply tossing in Ksh 100 bob daily will amass to be ksh15,000 in 5 months. How cool?

5. Sell Online

Look at everything you have that doesn’t have a real purpose – old clothes, a drawer, bicycle, table. Basically, anything lying around that you’re not using. Then declutter by selling the  items on sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc and make some extra money for that vacation.

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6. Rent Out A Room

Another option is to rent out a room on Airbnb or a similar site. – it’s one of the best ways to quickly build up those savings.

7. Create a Savings Goal

Amazing trips are well within your reach, especially with Bonfire Adventure deals. Simply saving Ksh10,000 religiously for 6 months will allow you to tour Dubai this Christmas.

First, you have to budget for the vacation by researching all expected costs e.g transportation costs, hotel/ Airbnb, meals, souvenirs, tickets to attractions or events. After totaling those costs, you’ll have an estimation of how much you’ll need to save. Now work backward to reach your savings goal to figure out how much money to save aside each month.





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If you are really determined to see the world, explore new cities while rediscovering yourself, a little saving and sacrifice will be worth it in the end.

What other ways can you save for travel?

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