8 Fun Things To Do in Nairobi over the Weekend

A weekend in Nairobi is typically nothing short of exciting. It usually involving fashionably dressed millennials milling around in crowded bar spaces.

As a result, nights of faded memories are created over loud eccentric music and engaging conversations; that are only halted by the occasional shot that teetotaller of the group is always coerced into taking.

It’s really all fun and games until you nurse a crazy hangover and wonder what else there is to do in Nairobi over the weekend. Here are 8 fun activities to do in Nairobi.

Hepa escape

Adventure awaits you at the Thika Road Mall for only Ksh 1000. Prepare to Immerse yourself in an alternate universe where your only mission is to escape. Without giving too much away, the escape involves solving a series of puzzles in order to earn one’s freedom and win the game. A great group activity for your squad.

Book here:- Hepa Escape Room

Maji Magic


The first of it’s kind Maji Magic is dubbed “Africa’s first aqua park” It offers a fun, wet and adrenaline packed outdoor experience. Located at Waterfront Mall in Karen, Maji Magic features climbing walls, inflatable aqua glide,sports parks, paddle and wakeboarding at Ksh 2000 for 1hour. They open at 9:30am-6:30pm

They currently have an ongoing offer!

Book here- Maji Magic

Ride the Ferris Wheel 

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city on the biggest Ferris wheel in Africa. Dubbed the eye of Kenya. The wheel is constantly moving and will only cost you Ksh 500. With world class restaurants and shopping stores at Two Rivers Mall, located along Limuru Road. One cannot run out of activities to indulge in.

Bowling at Village Market 


Yes, there’s an entire bowling alley inside the Village Market that is tastefully decorated with a cool car plate and a full bar. It’s best to experience bowling with a group and remember to carry a pair of ankle socks or else you’ll pay an extra fee of ksh 250 Bowling charges are Ksh 500


Catch a movie

Watch movies at the Cinemax Cinema located at Junction Mall and Garden City Mall. On Monday and Thursdays for only Ksh 400

Diguna High Ropes 


Perfect for a group of friends seeking to get their adrenaline pumping without having to venture too far out of town. Diguna High Ropes Challenge is located in Rongai at AIC Diguna. An exhilarating course with a series of high ropes that you must navigate to finish.

It costs Ksh. 150 per person. One can get there by public means by boarding a 125/126 matatu from Railways bus station and alight at Maasai Lodge stage. Then following the tarmac road on your left for about 2 Km to AIC Diguna. There are also motorbikes at the stage which will take you there.

Rock Climbing in Parklands

How physically fit are you? How about testing your strength by rock climbing at Climb blue sky located on 6th Floor Diamond Plaza. For only ksh 800 push your limits while making memories of a lifetime.

Book here:- Climb Blue Sky

Shoot a Firearm


Bring forth your inner Charlie’s Angel or James Bond at the KRRC (Kenya Regiment Rifles Club)

Experience  adrenaline pumping moments at the indoor shooting range located at Sailing Club in Langata.The cost is Ksh. 500 for students and Ksh. 1000 for adults. Ensure to carry your original ID card in order to be allowed entry into the range. There is an additional charge for earmuffs, protective eyewear and a target with a bull’s eye

It’s open Monday to Saturday from 12.30pm – 4.30pm

Fun things to do in Nairobi over the weekend are plenty.  What do you do? leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you


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