best hiking trails in kenya

Best Hiking Trails In Kenya: Gatamaiyu Forest

Gatamaiyu Riverine Forest gladly boasts of having the most exquisite and picturesque hiking trails in Kenya. It’s conveniently located only 45-minutes away from Nairobi’s chaotic CBD.

A day trip to this magnificent forest will not only provide much-needed peace but also reveal unspoiled historic nature.


Did you know that the mau mau warriors made use of the Gatamaiyu Forest fog to ambush intruders and whites. Ultimately securing Kenya’s independence?


Neither did I. Until embarking on my first hike ever with this amazing group of adventure seekers dubbed “Let’s Drift Kenya.”



Hiking trails in Kenya


Undoubtedly, hiking might not be for everyone. Rather, not for the faint-hearted or terribly unfit humans like yours truly. Regardless, there’s just something magical about this 12KM trail that will keep you going till the end. Exhausted or not.


A total 5hour trek through the best hiking trails in Kenya involves a vast view of the Kikuyu landscape, straight into the lush green forest with an unbeaten path; down a long trail of rocks immersed in water (a thrilling maze I must add) caves and lastly pristine inviting waterfalls.



They say, traveling alone will open up your mind, body, and soul to the world. While traveling with the company will guarantee shared memories.


I accidentally met these amazing passionate individuals from Let’s Drift Kenya who’ve made it their lives mission to discover Kenya’s hidden gems. They want to dispel the notion that travel is expensive and are actively building a community around like-minded individuals.


Hiking trails in kenya

The best part is that a tour with them is ABSOLUTELY FREE. It includes

  •  A free guided tour
  • Free photography
  • Beautiful scenery (caves, vast landscapes & waterfalls)
  • The chance to network and
  • An afternoon jet packed with memories of a lifetime


& The Trail

Picture sliding down a steep slope and hoping not to fall straight through a small green thicket. The only barrier between you and the river down below. While grasping at whatever appears to be steady.


Hiking trails in kenya


Or making ones way across the edge of a cliff, only wide enough to carry one leg at a time -while clinging on to a tree branch. A conspicuous tree branch that grew somehow between the rocks. Exciting right? No terrifying.

There’s a fear that checks in right before one embarks on a new hurdle. Impossible as it may be seen, although I discovered the beauty of trying out new things is the amazing feeling one gets after every accomplishment.


Hiking trails in kenya

During this trip i picked up a few tips and tricks that might come in handy on your next hike.

Hiking Essentials

  • Comfortable shoes
    A must, it’s even better if you own a pair of hiking boots
  •  A small bag
    Where you can carry all your essentials, a packed snack, camera, and a sweater.
  • Lots & lots of water
    After hiking for the 12km non-stop you really get to fully understand the saying water is life.
  • Can-do attitude
  • Also, avoid talking so much. This will save you a lot of energy.
  • Hat
  •  Light clothing
    In all honesty, I hadn’t realized this would be a full on sweat, water, rocks dirt kind of hike.


I’d envisioned walking for utmost 3km, taking cute pictures then calling it a day. But, boy was I wrong! Honestly, for the life of you do not wear jeans, opt for gym attire, a sports bra and don’t bother with things like a watch. It gets very tedious and uncomfortable. You wanna be freer than as a bird



Hiking trails in kenya
This cost breakdown only applies if you choose to use public transportation and after you’ve contacted Let’s Drift Kenya for the free tour.


Nairobi CBD to Githunguri – (100- 120) ksh

  • Prices vary depending on where you chose to board the matatu. You can take an Express matatu to Githunguri from downtown Nairobi CBD from a place called Kaka stage (100KSH)


  • Alternatively, connect from Nairobi CBD – Kiambu Town – Githunguri Town (120KSH)


On our way back from the hike, we took board motorbikes back to the Githunguri town stage. They covered approximately 7KM but only charged us 50ksh each!


Other hiking trails in Kenya include

  1. Hell’s Gate
  2. Chyula Hills
  3. Karura Forest
  4. Ngong Hills
  5. Oloolua Nature Trail
  6. Mt Kenya
  7. Menengai Crater


A day trip to Gatamaiyu forest is the perfect opportunity to clear your head, unwind or escape. Do make a point to head out there & thank me later LOL



Ever hiked before? Do share your experience down below. Also, enjoy some pictures by the talented Ceekay_Money (I.G)


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Taken by @Ceekay -instagram

Hiking trails in kenya

Hiking trails in kenya

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