can travel heal a broken heart

We’ve all experienced heartbreak. Be it from a failed romantic relationship, a horrible end to a football game, or worse discovering you bought an unripe avocado!

Heartbreak is grief that comes in waves, lying on your back and feeling your cheeks get wet with tears. Tears you have no intention of wiping away. Instead, you dive headfirst into the deep dark waters of self-pity. Hoping to escape from the throbbing relentless ache in your chest that seems to never go away. Drowning…gasping for air then drowning right back.

Eventually, after several pleas for divine intervention, heavens swoop to numb the pain, lulling you to sleep. A welcome relief from the ugly, heavy stench of betrayal. Heartbreak is devastating.

I found out the way everyone seems to find out these days. An electronic slip-up. Often it’s a text or that phone call that always seems to go unanswered. In my case, it was WhatsApp messages.

I’ll admit that I’m a snoop, not entirely sure whether it’s a good or bad trait but it is what it is LOL. Found out I’m the type to wait patiently for one to fall asleep then BOOM!! begin the deep dive.

Have you ever tried lifting a fingerprint off a human? You guys, It’s no easy fit- albeit exhilarating. It’s an extreme sport that has to be handled with utmost caution because one wrong move and the human awakes! You don’t want that, you never want that.

My ex-human was a heavy sleeper, the sort of person to sleep through anything! Even a hurricane, if we had those in Kenya. Regardless my hands couldn’t stop shaking. I was legit afraid of what I’d find out.

Guys, I was tripping. In the 4 years we’d been together. I had never invaded human’s privacy like this before but something just didn’t feel right. Does it ever though? Anyway, so there I am weirdly hovering over this being. Pacing back and forth heavily debating whether to go through the messages.

Shortly after an intense internal committee meeting. We decided we just had to know…you know? The proof is in the Mutura. As I carefully placed his index finger squarely on the touchpad. My conscious intervened once more…

are we seriously doing this Ciru?” Ha! See your life!

But woman’s intuition wouldn’t let me back out. She burst out like…

“Naaah girl, we ain’t doing that! You better finish what you started!” 

She sounded awfully mad plus I could feel her staring me down, her eyes burning into my skin.

So we did, finish what we started. Sadly once the pandoras box is open there’s really no going back to how things were. You see your human in a whole different light. A proper dim, broken, disappointing light.

I won’t lie, it took a hot painful second to get over this entire situation and my foolish self did go back a couple of times. I know, clownery at it’s best. LOL

The End

Thing is long term relationships are very hard to break away from, you almost feel as if you’re tied to an individual.  They belong to you and no one else. You think about the curtains you picked out, the ones you took days to decide on, cause in another life you’re an interior designer and everything has to seamlessly blend in. Now probably being drawn by the new shiny WhatsApp girl.

Lingering questions like what life will look like without them fill your mind. Will you/ can you be strong enough to walk away with your broken parts and never look back?

Billionaire Bae

Choosing to leave is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make, but will be the best. You could be hanging on to a relationship and blocking your billionaire bae from finding you. Regardless of whether or not he’ll make sure the septic tank isn’t easily accessible. 

Anyway, I’m no relationship guru, but I do know about travel and how it can heal just about anything. Being immersed in nature provides a new perspective on any situation. The beauty, calm and solitude heals and mends.

My trip to Kikuyu Town reminded me of how much joy, sense of pride and achievement can be derived from being outdoors and living life. And so I came up with this few suggestions just for you. 

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  • Snooping is wrong and an invasion of someone’s privacy and always a bad idea.
  • Trust your instincts
  • Also, if you’re going through a break up I suggest you read this insightful books: Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller and Men are from Mars, Women Are From Venus
  • Most importantly remember that everything happens for a reason. You’ll be okay.

Have you been through a breakup? How did you deal with it? I’d love to hear from you? Also spread some love. SUBSCRIBE/SHARE/ COMMENT.

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I'm a bubbly free-spirit who loves all things nature, food and travel!

I believe that life is a journey - as clichè as it might sound ...and i don't take it too seriously.
My goal is to live my best life, by being brave and doing what truly makes me happy.
So join me as i do stuff lol!

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  1. Haha what a tale ?? the lifting a fingerprint off a sleeping human part waaah?
    On the real though, travel can heal all wounds.. Nature tends to be the best medicine.. Nice read Wanjiru ❤

    1. Beautifully written ??? and Amen!!
      Love you and a great job you’re doing here!

  2. Stay put, it is well. Your new billionaire husbae is here.?

  3. The fact you in search and in believe of a billionaire bae is around the corner leaves me with alot of questions in mind!!

  4. Travel is my new addiction and I’m not about to stop! Good read Shiru 🙂 Keep at it hun.#peaceLightAndLove

      1. Amen! Firm believer in travel healing a heart break.

  5. ??? but surely how do you lift another human’s finger in the dark tyna get his fingerprint? And wonder why kuna septic tank ?? morning made! Keep it up ?

  6. I always cheer for you…dream woman

    1. Strength of a woman!❤❤

  7. We are alike. I also do travel to forget some things in my life.

  8. Oh Dear…Amen! I love your warmth, your choice of words is just perfection and a touch of sunlight! Love love love. I hope I’ll get to join you in one of these wonderful travels.

    1. Aaaaw this is so sweet! Haha! My heart is twerking ? You’re most welcome to join us any weekend you’re free

  9. Patricia Mbula Mwangangi

    Girl, Giiiiirrrrllll, This was an awesome read. Sorry for the heartbreak but it had to happen for you to be the person you are now or in future. Something like that.

    I have been Heartbroken. Music was my bae. Got me through the tough days and haging out with Friends. And I am the best version of myself.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You are going places boo. Lots of love!!

  10. Great read, though anti climax, where’s the juice haha haha, we move on to the iris recognition, only when awake.

  11. Son of Woman lost a very beautiful girl… anyways, are taking new applications?

  12. I’m so sorry you had to go through this Wanjiru,

    I work my a… off when going through any sort of this ish, anything to do with boys.

    But travel, not healed completely but i’m better, going to places i’ve never been to before has helped me with grief, the loss of my dad after 18+ months of fighting took a toll on me, the stress, the depression I thought i’d die so I feel you and completely understand what travel can do, take as many trips as possible, you’ll soon get over it.

    Love and Light!

    1. *sending hugs your way* I’m so sorry you had to go through that, losing a parent is heartache in another level. I haven’t processed my mum’s either. Love and Light sweetie ❤

  13. Why is reading texts the most popular way of catching out a cheater- the answers are always in the texts

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