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Staycation ideas and deals

Exclusive Staycation Deals in Nairobi

This past weekend I had an amazing staycation with my cousins. A staycation is a vacation spent in or around your home. Nights dedicated to reconnecting, bonding or simply self-care. Our cousins’ staycation was no different. It consisted of lots of laughs, cheap liquor and a movie marathon watching the twisted TV Series Claws (I …

things to do in nairobi

8 Fun Things To Do in Nairobi over the Weekend

A weekend in Nairobi is typically nothing short of exciting. It usually involving fashionably dressed millennials milling around in crowded bar spaces. As a result, nights of faded memories are created over loud eccentric music and engaging conversations; that are only halted by the occasional shot that teetotaller of the group is always coerced into …


5 Spectacular Places to Cycle around Nairobi

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F Kennedy If you’re looking to explore Magical Kenya in a different way then cycling should be at the top of your list. With a growing biking community in Kenya’s capital, cycling trails are becoming a popular way to pass time, work out …


Haunted Buxton Tunnel- Limuru Escapades

This is the moment of thrilling uncertainty. “will we stumble upon a dead body as the villagers warned? Or will we be the bodies ourselves!” Anticipating the unknown, I Stare bravely into the dome-like structure. A 1.7 km stretch of total darkness. There is a tiny single point of light at the very end that glows …

wanjiru overlooking ocean in zanzibar

7 Creative Ways To Save For A Vacation

Travelling is expensive. This is a statement a majority of Kenyans believe to be true. Alongside the notion that it involves fancy tours, a faraway destination, and luxurious accommodation.   We are definitely not to blame after decades of being bombarded with commercials and travel magazines that depict messages equating travel with luxury.     …

weekend getaway

Lemon Valley Farm- Romantic Weekend Getaway

Lemon Valley Farm is simply breathtaking. Set on a 30 acre piece of fertile land. It exudes a mix of subtle romantic charm with a hint of modern flair. Crimson Cabin would be my space for the night. A cozy secluded, brick-red galvanized steel cabin on the slopes of Kasambara hills. Its cemented floor carries …

wanjiru glamping in kenya

Glamping In Kenya- Kibo Safari Camp

When planning a trip for a weekend escape, there’s a lot to consider. You want to choose somewhere far enough where it feels like a true getaway but ultimately close enough that you aren’t spending the better part of the lavish trip in transit.   What is Glamping? Glamping is also known as luxury camping, …

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