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havila resort weekend getaway

The Havila Resort, Sagana- Weekend Getaway

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon when we finally arrive at Havila Resort. A smooth one and a half hour drive using the Nairobi- Nyeri highway. I live for Saturday’s like this. Saturday’s made up of sunshine, happiness, and the open road. Arguably the …

best hiking trails in kenya

Best Hiking Trails In Kenya: Gatamaiyu Forest

Gatamaiyu Riverine Forest gladly boasts of having the most exquisite and picturesque hiking trails in Kenya. It’s conveniently located only 45-minutes away from Nairobi’s chaotic CBD. A day trip to this magnificent forest will not only provide much-needed peace but also reveal unspoiled historic nature.   Did you know that the mau mau warriors made …

10 things to do in mombasa

10 Unusual Things To Do In Mombasa

What better way to celebrate this festive season than to head down to Kenya’s coastal paradise, Mombasa! There’s just something thoroughly magical about this beautiful tropical escape. Maybe it’s the luxurious accommodation, incredible white sandy beaches or salty humid air that evokes a sense of happiness and relaxation. Whatever it’s allure is, I’d love you to have …

sgr- madaraka express

SGR- Madaraka Express Train: Bookings & Refunds

Did you know that the SGR, also known as Madaraka Express, is Kenya’s most expensive infrastructure project since independence? It costs a whopping 3.6 Billion USD It currently runs from Mombasa to Nairobi,  connecting the capital city to the vibrant coastal town. Although, the ultimate goal is for the SGR to connect Kenya, Uganda, and …

modern coast uganda

Modern Coast: Drama In Uganda

CONTINUATION Modern Coast 27 Hour Horrible Experience The blackened surfaced and murky wet floor had definitely seen better days. It was evident, from a quick scan, that it would fall short at any attempt of counting the soles of shoes it had supported. The whole environment has a strong unwavering scent of cholera mixed with …

mbarara -modern coast

Stranded In Uganda- Modern Coast Bus Horror

Poor girl. A look of utter disbelief and confused splashed across her now contoured face. You could easily tell, she was not accustomed to this kind of animosity. Standing helplessly in the narrow bus aisle, she rummaged through her small blue travel bag. Her left hand loosely balancing a black plastic bag, filled with items …

three steers hotel

Hotels In Meru- Three Steers Hotel Review

What comes to mind when you think of Meru? Like fire and ice, a lot of us associate Meru with Miraa. The county of  ‘flying cars’ and home to Kenya’s most celebrated comedians; MC Jessy and Murume. I’d never thought of Meru as a destination to go unwind. I’ll shamelessly admit that. It’s hardly ever …

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