Are Dating Apps Killing Romance?

dating apps

How many people are you entertaining at the moment? LOL!

Having been thrust back into the large pool of Nairobi singles. The fact that the dating scene has completely changed is quite evident. The hook-up culture has deeply infiltrated our society. Especially with the rise of dating apps like Tinder, OK Cupid, Badoo just to mention a few. It’s safe to say, finding and cultivating an authentic long-lasting relationship is more difficult now, than ever before.

A quote about dating relating to vulnerability

I’ll be completely honest though, I have tried OK cupid (OKC). I found the swiping pretty cool & rather bold. Depending on what your end goal is. Your dating app experience can go in one of two ways. You’ll either end up feeling on top of the world or completely drained. I experienced the latter.

  • Do you go ahead and respond to every message?
  • Do you feel as though you’re putting too much of yourself out there?
  • Can you truly find a real connection with these dating apps?

I felt completely exhausted from just looking at the messages and eventually ended up deleting the app. As much as this is the new way of finding love. It completely takes away from the traditional, sweet and innocent way of being pursued.

That’s not say there’s anything wrong with using these dating apps.

Presently, sex has become so easily available, leading to zero effort being put towards getting to know someone. Hence, Nairobi guys craftily narrowing down first date options to either. One, a night out in the city where you’re plied with alcohol or you receive that infamous

hey, si you come to my place we chill” text… in Kama kwetu, hakuna viti na masufuria!!! (as if we  have no seats or utensils at our homes)

Maybe I’m naive. But! I still believe that there are people out there who aren’t afraid of commitment. Patient enough to court and can write letters! Ah! I love letters… you literally fall in love with the words and the person.

Well,during my time in high school i only got two letters. One 4-page essay from my cousin complaining about her school life and a heartfelt love letter that I still have 8 years later. Love letters are orgasmic!


Now to the point!!…finally

If dating apps have worked for you and you’ve found someone you’d like to spend time with.

Here are five awesome date ideas:

Try your luck at a Casino

There are so many casinos in Nairobi and it’s a fun way to start off a date especially if you win. I once won 8000ksh from 500bob. Cool right?

Quad Biking At Achis Ranch

It’s located in Karen off forest edge past Bomas of Kenya (mukindiri road) This is by far the coolest thing although it lasts only 30 mins at 2000ksh. Alternatively, you can go to Galleria mall for the quad bikes, and then right after having a meal at the nearby restaurants.

Quad Biking

Date idea one: quad biking
Quad Biking at Achi’s Ranch

Watch a local play or an Imax movie

Kenyans are super creative and hilarious and produce relevant and current content.

Disconnect the movie will be showing at the Anga cinema, diamond plaza on 21st & 22 April. Why not make this a plan ?

my mookh tickets

Supa Modo, will be for 100 bob!! 100 bob on Sunday at the Prestige Cinema at 10AM

You can also check out

Back to basics Kenya page for their upcoming play Mutual Misery showing at Alliance Francaise from 27th-29th April. They usually range between Ksh500- Ksh1200

Back to Basics Kenya

Ice skating at Panari

The only skating rink in East Africa, located at the Panari hotel along Mombasa road. Charges are Ksh 800 per person for an hour,

Paint balling at Rolf’s place

It can constitute as a road trip. It’s located in Ongata Rongai, Masai lodge road, a very unique place owing to the bridge leading up to the establishment and you can make it a group affair. Eight people to be exact

Date idea 2 two: rolfs place
Paint balling at Rolf’s Place

Nature trail at paradise lost

It’s a beautiful retreat located close to Kiambu town. It has a maze of caves and features a stunning water fall and offers other activities such as horse riding, boating and camping.

There you have it.

A wet bridge
15.4.2016 Bridge leading to Rolf’s place.I also dunno what’s up with the hands situation
trees in the background and a hammock
hammock at Achi’s Ranch

leave me a comment guys! I’d love to hear your take on dating apps…do you think you can find true love on them?

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  1. Dating apps are cool. Though many people lie about themselves online.

  2. am still single,tried all those

    1. Time for you to lose all hope. 😛

  3. My sweetie you never shared the 8k the ukikuyu in me noted that. True love does exist my sweetie it takes patience no matter how many frogs you kiss your Prince is around the corner.

    1. ??? besha…besha…beshaa

  4. Good diction???.

  5. For me, issa big N.O on using dating apps. Also, welcome back to Team Forever Sad and Lonely!

    1. Hahaha! Wow!! Really? I can’t with you?

  6. First off amazing work right there…Keep up Secondly, Noooooooo, dating apps… they don’t work…. it may sound clique but patience and prayer goes a long waaay… even if you happen to meet your connections there it will still take the double Ps. Pray about it and be patient.. That’s all you need. Speaking from experience. I’m done now… Adios…

    1. This is pretty solid advice Trish?.Thanks for weighing in and for the lovely compliment.??

  7. No on dating apps, I agree personaly is way more inviting and “real” lol ? plus you can always tell the chemistry if you can see a person’s body language face to face

  8. nice read,good stuff

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