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Exciting Things To Do Over The Weekend In Kikuyu Town

I want to say Kikuyu Town saved me without you guys thinking I’m being overly dramatic. It’s one of the 6 sub-counties within Kiambu County. Located 20km northwest of Nairobi and despite the heavy construction on Waiyaki way it only took about 20 minutes to get there

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Kikuyu town is absolutely gorgeous. It’s also, the only town that the Southern bypass passes through, thus connecting Mombasa to Nairobi.

The streets are immaculate and the air is crisp. Personally, I found the best about walking on the streets of Kikuyu town to be the fact that there’s no need to clutch your bag once the realization that Nairobbery is 20km away sets in.

I’d love you to at least try out one of these places in Kikuyu. Places you can visit outside Nairobi. If you don’t like them. You’re welcome to come for me!



Are you wild at heart?

Nachu cave will be an adventure of a lifetime. Located on Gatune Hills, approximately 12km from Luseggeti town. From the outside, the cave is shaped like an angry elephant while the inside slants down at a 45-degree angle. The soil is shifty so we had to be extra careful going inside as well as leaving. That’s partly the reason why I forgot to film it, there were also 4 religious women inside.

The hill is rocky and steep with views of Ngong Hills. It’s a dry area with lots of shrubs and shriveled sprouts of dry yellow grass that especially come in handy when descending.


At several points during our decline, I utilized the power of my flat Kikuyu/Luhya bottom to keep from falling face first. I was honestly so proud of them, they’ve never come through for me when twerking or turning heads is involved but they really stepped up this time!


  • Starting from Kikuyu town, board the PSV heading to Luseggeti
  • Alight at Lusengetti stalls, It’s a small town where everyone seems to know each other.
  • After the butchery, take your left turn.
  • There is a Mpesa shop and lots of small shops, notably a man who sells Mutura during the daytime.
  • Walk past the settlements, head down the path filled with rocks. Once down take a right then walk. We kinda let our natural instincts and vision guide us from there. Alternatively, reach out for a guided tour



An unimposing brick wall with green potted plants hanging off of it will indicate your arrival at  Kikuyus best-kept secret. Located after a number of small grocery stores one can easily miss the red metal doors that open up into this artsy space

Take in the charming wooden decor that’s spread throughout its four sections. The first section has a more intimate feel which is perfect for a date. I especially loved the bookshelves, funky wall hangings and moody lighting that creates the best ambiance for a relaxing meal. 


Great Value for money

I spent 70ksh for a filling breakfast ( Tea and pancake) Later on we had lunch a large portion of fries and chicken 250ksh

Free Wifi

It’s a great working space, especially in the morning. The place is usually so peaceful.


The art littered on the walls, fairy lights and elicit of the feeling of joy. Great for a date, family dinner, friends chill spot. Like I mentioned earlier there are four different sections

A Free Library

You can sip your coffee as you delve into a world of endless possibilities with the array of books on the bookshelves. They also make for great Instagram props. My friend Rakesh Young from Baiskeli Adventures with making me look extra learned. thanks!



One of the most exquisite places of worship in East Africa. The Church of Torch was the brainchild of Scottish Architect Bernard Gaymer. It was built in a neo-gothic design between 1928 and 1933 due to the rapid growth of Christian converts.

The time it took to build the church fondly reminds me of the book Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett have you read it? Oh my! It should be on your reader’s list

Interesting Facts

  • For the long period of time, the church had no windows or doors aside from the 6 controversial stained glass windows that elders in the church termed as having satanic symbolism 
  • It’s said that locals would contribute 3 to 10 ksh eventually contributing a whopping 700000 ksh to see the church stand.
  • The church was gazetted as a national monument on April 11th, 2008


places-to-visit-outside -nairobi

Owned by missionaries who have preserved its original design. The wooden structure is decorated by indigenous timber beams that crisscross each other while the entire structure is held up by metal rods.

Restaurant and Retreat center provides a much-needed escape from the city

One will especially appreciate the color painted on it as it synchronizes with the environment enticing the feelings of peace and calm. Previously known as banguru , as the locals found it difficult to say bungalow the guest rooms are named after their old occupants Thomas Watson, John William


  • If coming from Waiyaki Way take the left turn towards Kikuyu. Pass through the town and take a right turn at the Alliance School –
  • Thogoto Hospital Junction. After the turn takes the immediate left which leads to a hospital. Pass the hospital and follow signs to Goshen Garden Restaurant on the right-hand side. the restaurant is along a rough road.
  • If coming from Dagoretti, drive up all the way until you get to the Thogoto Hospital junction on your left and follow directions as above
exciting things to do over the weekend




Lodgings in Kikuyu

There are various hotels to stay in Kikuyu, notably

  • Qaribu Inn
  • Kilimo Grand Resort also known as Farmers’ Conference Centre
  • Wida Highway Hotel
  • Goshen Restaurant and Retreat

Where to Chill in Kikuyu Town

  • Forts Place Bar
  • Levilla Gardens
  • Kasane Gardens
  • Franky’s cuisine and Take Out
  • Tai’s Chicken and Grill


What other cool places do you know? Do share with us!

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