First Date Sex : Does It Ruin Chances At A Relationship?

“If he wants to hit it and quit it he will, hata kama ni kungonja 6 months.”

Flevia, 25


“Of course! I wouldn’t date someone who is Infatuated.I wouldn’t settle for anything serious with her…cause its shallow”

Tosie, 24


“Not really …it depends on a lot of factors.Some people smash on the first night and end up getting married. Some will have sex and lose interest.So different folks, different strokes”

Bolivia, 23


“Quick secret, in the first 5 to 10 minutes of meeting. Guys would have already categorized what they’d like with a girl. To shag, a friend, a relationship, friend with benefits etc.
What I mean is…we are sexual beings, if we have sex on the first date or tenth, it doesn’t really matter…. what I wanted when we began the situationship remains constant.”

-Onyango, 24


“The chase is what’s exciting.”

Eddy, 27


“Mmh…yeah cause there won’t be a chase per say.I’m not saying that men only want that but it’s a very important thing for them. So, if it’s given out on the first night there won’t be those date nights or pillow talk. It will be …let’s go out, come bang or what are you wearing tonight?…. You get?
Thats what I think for guys.As for chics…I’d still say,

Yes cause,

  • If he is wack that’s it, it won’t matter how hot he is cause you barely know him


  • You’ll start feeling guilty you gave it up easily especially if you really liked him…. and that will eat you up…. self esteem and stuff…

Trish, 23


“No! It doesn’t make a difference these days …I mean, even if she slept with you on the 90th night, if you were meant for each other you will last. If not, it will end one day or the other.”

Brian, 25


“Definitely yes…before you bond sexually you must form a foundation of your friendship if you want the relationship to work out.”

Mumbi, 25


“It doesn’t… I have done that, It’s really all about the person, not about the time you had sex.I’ve dated a lady for 5 yrs and we had sex on the first date…we just clicked.”

Mwangi, 30


“Well, i think it depends on both of you, your personal perceptions. Because, if you think giving it up on the first date makes someone cheap then you might not wanna date them.But, if you don’t have that perception then it wouldn’t ruin your chances.
Also the time you have known each other might not really be an issue if both of you are feeling each other and want to be in a relationship …then i don’t see why not”

Minnie, 22


“Yes, it does…i would only date her if the vibe was right. Plus it can’t be like, i meet you like 5 minutes ago then we fucking.

-Billy, 26


“If I could get you on the 1st night whose to say someone else can’t.If we’ve been talking before that maybe.The thing is foundation is weak if not completely non existant.”

Joe, 26


Does first date sex ruin chances of a relationship?

I’m a firm believer of doing what makes you happy.As for me though, sex on the first date wouldn’t make me happy.

I’m old fashioned in the sense that i prefer getting to know someone first and following my own set of rules.Taking my time to determine someone’s character gives me a sense of certainty.Gives me a chance to check out for red flags.

Is he a potential?  A friend? Someone I shouldn’t entertain?

Some people can have casual sex while others are incapable.Mainly because of the uncertainty of it all.

My mum was very vocal about life and relationships.She would pry and ask me about who i’m with, how he treats me etc.So from back then it was drummed into me that i should have some sort of standard when dealing with men.

She’d say that …Its ok to have fun but remember you show a man how he should treat you.It’s your responsibility to set that standard.

So, yes i think it ruins it.Mainly because of my perception towards sex.

This is just my opinion.

I’d love to know Yours. Getting intimate on the first date.Is it a yaaiy or nay 


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