Glamping In Kenya- Kibo Safari Camp

wanjiru glamping in kenya

When planning a trip for a weekend escape, there’s a lot to consider. You want to choose somewhere far enough where it feels like a true getaway but ultimately close enough that you aren’t spending the better part of the lavish trip in transit.


What is Glamping?

Glamping is also known as luxury camping, it’s an experience-based kind of travel that allows guests to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, but without the hassle of traditional camping. With five-star amenities and unbeatable outdoor access, glamping is where luxury meets simplicity.



This past weekend I stumbled upon a gem that checked all these boxes. Hidden deep within the Amboseli National Park is Kibo Safari Camp. A 5-star luxury tented safari camp that blends seamlessly with its surrounding.

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp






Did you know, Amboseli means ”salty dust” in the Maasai language? 

Neither did I! Although, soon after a smooth 4-hour drive that turned dusty and bumpy towards the end. The meaning of Amboseli proved to be accurate. We drove along Nairobi-Mombasa highway, through Machakos county and past a small town called Kimana then on to a seemingly never-ending rough road. 


On arrival, the bumpy ride was soon forgotten. We were received by a line-up of joyful staff members.  A warm welcome involving cool wet face towels (to wipe off the cake of dust) freshly squeezed juice and assistance with your luggage. From this point onward it was evident that our vacation had begun and all worries and trivial life matters were to be left at foot of their grand lobby.



glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp



An overwhelming feeling of peace inspired by the choice of warm earthy tones and impeccable decor gives one a taste of what is to come during the stay. Right off the bat, the lobby area is nothing short of magical. Directly across the reception is an African curio shop filled with must have unique decorative memorabilia.


glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp


Do you often think of food and smile? I do!


Well, prepare to feast on a sumptuous spread during the buffet lunch. The stunning restaurant at this luxury tented camp is peppered with vibrant African art that makes you want to break into a dance in appreciation of our heritage.

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp


Personally, one of my favorite memories of staying at this luxury tented camp was meeting both Patrick and Dennis. They both work as waiters at the restaurant. This duo is the funniest, friendliest and by far, most accommodating individuals you’ll ever meet.

I can’t help but smile while thinking about how sweet they are. In fact, on my last day, they went the extra mile to book the best table for me, that has this incredible view.



glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp



The tented camps are immersed in the wilderness, such that you don’t feel like you’re in the wild…you literally are.

There’s an electric perimeter fence surrounding the entire property keeping the wild animals at bay.


While simultaneously allowing one the luxury of observing wildlife, at the comfort of one’s porch- in the event that wildlife comes strolling by. Inside the tent, there’s a hot and cold shower, sink, fresh towels. Basically everything in a hotel, except walls made of concrete, although the floor is cemented.


glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

Interestingly, the same shrubs that were there while setting up the tents remain untouched and unmanned as that’s the wild vibe the hotel is going for so don’t be surprised by harmless animals walking around like lizards and geckos 




glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp



I came to learn, game drives happen either early in the morning or in the evening. I chose to go for the game drive and later on take a dip in the pool in the evening.

The game drive was everything I had always hoped for and more. Something out of a lion king movie, except there, was no singing.


The zebras grazed gracefully in their immaculate white and black coat as the giraffes galloped effortlessly balancing their long necks with the Mount Kilimanjaro as their perfect backdrop.


glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp


Surprisingly the stars of this evening game drive weren’t the Simba’s of the Savannah but a herd of elephants playfully coating their tough grey frames with a thick coat of mud.

When immersed in their environment is when you truly experience the magic. I highly recommend the game drive. Truly splendid.


Safari in Amboseli

The night involved an awesome party, bonfire, swimming. We know how we get down ( as Kenyans) so  I really don’t have to get into the details but it was by far one of the best trips ever, thanks to Africa lion Safaris.


There’s a bar area but if you’d rather save on cash… bring your own bottle! friends! frenemies! lovers and have the time of your life as we did!


glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

glamping in amboseli, kibo safari camp

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