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Hiking in Kenya- Waterfalls Inn Tigoni, Limuru

Have you ever stood under a waterfall?

I mean, right in the middle of all the action with natures full unregulated force hailing down on you? I know, I know… before you ask. What the hell was I thinking, right?

Honestly, I wasn’t. The decision to jump in was insanely impromptu. So much so that reality only hit when the cold streams of water shook my body to the point where I struggled to catch my breath.

Ooooh, SHIT was my initial reaction too.


It felt as if the waterfall was out for vengeance, like tiny cold angry needles pounding on my roughly 56kg frame of fat and bones. To be honest, it was quite uncomfortable but equally exhilarating!

Mother nature is overwhelming yet nurturing,  all your senses will be awakened, you’ll feel alive, powerful and re-energized. Even an intense feeling of being at peace and one with the universe. ( don’t judge me if I sound a bit crazy)


Believe me, your bucket list is not complete until standing under a waterfall is included. You have to experience the magic. Break your routine and maybe risk falling on a slippery rock. I did, slid…

I want to believe in slow motion. Although, both my inner ninja and adrenaline kicked in to somehow cushion my fall. As a result, I have a tiny badge of honor to prove it.


Did you know, Asians willingly sit under cold water as part of a purification ritual called Misogi. They believe this practice rejuvenates and strengthens one’s body and soul.

It also wards off depression, strengthens immunity, enhances pain and stress tolerance, So a cold shower often is actually good for you… I hate cold showers, to be honest

Hiking In Kenya, Limuru


The waterfall is located at an establishment called Waterfall’s inn. Deep within Limuru’s Tigoni community; which is heavily populated by foreigners. 

Waterfall inn is one of the only places in Tigoni where one can get a panoramic view of Nairobi.


At first glance, it appears to have been a hot spot. Although currently, the horse stables at the entrance, lie empty & its beautiful restaurant is closed.

From the abandoned shell of a building overlooking the picturesque tea plantations. Its evident construction was halted years ago.

I’m no real estate expert but this place has so much potential. Aside from that, a quiet picnic, misogi, team building, and camping can still be achieved at this destination.



Our hike started at Limuru town near St Pauls University which is 45minutes away from Nairobi CBD.

I boarded a 114 matatu from Koja stage near the fire station. Our first stop was Tigoni lake house, proceeded towards Brakenhurst School which eventually led us to Limuru girls Highschool which is a few kilometers from Waterfall Inn.


TOTAL COST 500 ksh

  • Transport 200 Ksh (to and from Limuru)
  • Entrance Fee 300Ksh ( courtesy of Lets Drift Kenya discounted rate)
  • Distance covered on foot 13KM

Also, don’t drink and hike or rather hike and drink.

I shamelessly downed cans of tusker Apple Cider (one of my favorite drinks) after the hike, tired was an understatement the next day.





Photography by

 Alex Kamau & Musyoka Martin

Interested in being a part of the next hike? Contact yours truly ( @wanjiru_njenga)


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