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three steers hotel

What comes to mind when you think of Meru? Like fire and ice, a lot of us associate Meru with Miraa. The county of  ‘flying cars’ and home to Kenya’s most celebrated comedians; MC Jessy and Murume.

I’d never thought of Meru as a destination to go unwind. I’ll shamelessly admit that. It’s hardly ever crossed my mind. So when the opportunity to travel North came about, this self- proclaimed travel blogger -who hardly ever goes anywhere- was beyond excited!




Meru is a 4-5 hour drive from Nairobi. There’s a choice of two routes;



The former is faster and best for travelers unfamiliar with the routes. While the latter is hilly and has a blind spot.Although, when using the Embu route, one drives past one of the most notable scenic spots.


The Meru National park and Mwea Tabere Irrigation scheme. I really loved the distinct aroma of fresh rice that fills the air, coupled with spectacular views of green rice fields.

mwea tabere drone view

A huge welcome sign a few kilometers from this charming city marked our arrival! The county is nothing short of vibrant and energetic. Similar to Mombasa county’s horns, Meru has a monument of hands holding a whip and a rungu.



Hotels in Meru

A gem in the heart of the city. Strategically located near the Makutano shopping center within close proximity to amenities such as banks, restaurants, and clubs. Also, the Kinoru Stadium and Meru National Park. I honestly didn’t know what to expect while traveling to Meru, but it goes without saying that the hotel in Meru , The Three Steers Hotel, was a pleasant surprise.


three steers hotel


Right off the bat, i loved the staff! The front desk staff were not only professional but friendly and highly organised. This resulted in a fast and seamless check in time. The decor at the lobby is simple yet exquisite. For people who appreciate art like myself. You’ll definitely be in for a treat. Scattered around the lobby are unique pieces of local monochromatic art. I especially liked how they blend beautifully with the decor, enhancing the air of silent elegance that dominates the establishment. Admittedly, the warmth and hospitality made us feel right at home.




One aspect of the three steers hotel that i loved the most, was how quiet and intimate it felt. It has a grand total of  47  rooms. They consist of a single, double, superior and deluxe rooms. Courtesy of my friends mum, God bless her soul, we got a beautiful double room.

This hotel is perfect for business persons, couples, families and solo travelers. The fact the the three steers hotel goes an extra mile to ensure added security for its dwellers is an added  bonus.

I was shocked to realize the lift can only function with a key card. Also, the key card only allows you access to the floor your room is located. Although there is a staircase just in case you are sharing a room.

hallway 3 steers hotel

A thickly carpeted floor runs from the lift to each doorway. As expected, the hotels dedication to creating a relaxed environment is  on full display in its rooms. Our double was spacious and tastefully decorated. I especially loved the fact that the maroon upholstery matched my graduation gown. There’s a state of the art shower and fast functioning WiFi. The millennial in me can’t stand unstable WiFi.


three steers meru hotel

We received a complimentary fruit basket! an amazing touch right before dinner time.While the trip didn’t involve much exploring. It certainly was just as fun. Good food and great vibes definitely made this trip unforgettable.

The following morning, we were treated to the three steers hotel continental breakfast . It was exemplary. Hands down one of the highlights of my day. I think i had one too many waffles than i care to admit. There’s a wide selection of beverages, African vegetables, meat etc.


3 steers hotel Meru is the place to go if you really want to relax.


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  1. I see meru …it sounds like lots of green….the trees, the miraa…angry people…and lots of weird houses but apparently its all grown….at least we have people like you to take us where we can be

    1. ??This article was tailor made for you

  2. Wow! Awesome this is where I skept a night before my graduation in KeMU. They have made a huge improvement ☺ Big up to Three Steers! I would go back again. I hear Alba hotel in Meru is lovely as well.

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