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How To Survive Valentines When Single & Alone

He comes complete with the subtle moody charm and allure. The kind that draws you in slowly, then all at once. There’s an air of mystery surrounding him, coupled with his magnetic charm, a deep accented voice, and a striking sly smile.

You recognize the smile, mainly because it speaks volumes about his years mastering the art of seduction. Yes, he’s a master manipulator. Although, he surprisingly lacks the timeless biker jacket and motorcycle, but make no mistakes. He is an original bad boy, only the Kenyan type.


Weekends together are characterized by blurry nights-I mean booze and more booze. In the middle of the vibrant night lights and deafening music; your conversations are minimal if not non-existent.

You know it’s only a matter of time before “whatever this is”  blows up in smoke. In fact, from the vast knowledge of relationships amassed from binge-watching Lucas Scott and Brooke, you know this isn’t it.


But you love the crew. His crew, of which you’re now a rightful member of. Never been part of one, so the concept is mind-blowing. Especially the drunken night friendship, love, and memories. Fast forward 5 years, when the lovely ladies from Over 25 school you on what a situationship looks like. Then, it finally makes sense why you were dumped right before Valentine’s Day. Rather silently ghosted.

So how do you deal with the sudden turn of events?

6 ways to survive valentines when single

Bowl Your Heart Out

Head down to Village Market for an evening of bowling. At only 500KSH get your competitive juices flowing.

Host a Game Night

Bring out the snacks and games my friends!  & live it up. Come up with a Valentines themed game night. Their numerous card games online. Jenga is also quite exciting.



  • Hike for Free through Kenya’s most beautiful trails with the amazing crew from Let’s Drift Kenya. Guided by the hiking guru himself, Alex Kamau.
  • Zip-line at Kereita at only 1800Ksh for 2 lines. (For detailed info about Kereita ziplining, price, transport etc click here for dodunims review)
  • Indulge your icy heart by heading to Panari to Ice Skate for an hour at 800ksh

Jambo Kenya

  • Be a Tourist
    Kiss a Giraffe at Giraffe Center, get flashbacks of your ex at the Snake Park or go relax at Mamba Village.
  • Dive In
    Spend the Saturday basking in this February heat in Shorts or a Bikini with your drink of choice next to a pool. Swimming prices vary between 200 to 1000 KSH depending on where you go.

Treat Yourself

  • Galentines at the Spa Anyone?
    Did you know that for only 800KSH you can enjoy steam & sauna at Oceaniah spa world located at Adlife Plaza. The best part is you can bring your drink of choice. Relaxing, gossip & unwind with your girls while detoxing lol and intoxicating.
  • Disconnect
    The Kenya comedy “disconnect” will be showing on the 16th of February at Kanjata Road off James Gichuru at only 1000KSH. Alternatively, snuggling in bed for a night of Netflix ia always an option too.
  • Accept That Dinner Invite
    Go out on a date with that lovely fella or lady trying to get your attention. Don’t be all up in your feelings, get out and dress up.



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