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Island of Sereniti

Sereniti House exudes a taste of stillness. The kind that makes you fall in love with the world and everything in it. Move past one’s sorrows and inhibitions and take on a new lease in life.

This Island of Sereniti allows one a much-needed retreat from the daily struggles and musing of everyday life, long enough to recharge and reconnect with oneself

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weekend getaway in naivasha

Located in Naivasha, deep within Oserian conservancy. A mere two and half hour drive from Nairobi sits this idyllic home on a clifftop. It’s surrounded by sprawling lush green manicured lawns and colorful tendered gardens. The home offers the most spectacular views of Mt Kenya, Lake Oloiden and Lake Naivasha.

Built-in the early 1900s, Sereniti house is the epitome of history and character, having housed some of the most well know men and women in history. ( Think back to the Happy Valley Settlers) The spacious bungalow now comfortably accommodates a group of 8 in its 4 bedrooms.

We found paradise…

I’m in awe. Speechless- as we maneuver our way into the breathtaking 5-acre compound surrounded by an electric perimeter fence. A pleasant relief from being lost in the wilderness on our drive up.

wildlife in naivasha
zebras in oserian conservancy naivasha

See, getting here is an adventure of sorts. One that begins moments after you branch off the Moi South Lake Road into an inconspicuous barricaded path of seemingly endless road.

Prepare to be sandwiched between shrubs on a narrow path that unexpectedly opens up into one of the most beautiful landscapes.

A rewarding mini-game drive, so to speak, with zebras, dik-diks, and giraffes that remained unfazed by the intrusion. Only matching the momentary confusion with amazement, before amiably wandering away.

lunch at sereniti house in naivasha
lunch at sereniti house in naivasha

We arrive just in time for lunch and it was absolutely delicious! Beyond being beautifully plated with rich vibrant colors. The combination of flavors hints at Terry’s creative expertise. Terry is the talented in-house chef, who will happily cater to all your dietary needs. Her energy, smile, and love for her job will definitely make your stay worthwhile.

dining room area at sereniti house
sereniti house living room

The interior is tastefully furnished and decorated in neutral colors and red accents. There’s stunning locally sourced art on the walls; some depicting scenes from a Kenyan safari. The house has; 4 bedrooms, 5 beds, and 3 bathrooms. Avid readers will especially love the library that comes with a massage chair.

As night falls a fire is lit turning the living room into a cozy warm space. It feels like getting a prolonged loving hug from your aging grandmother, the kind that puts you completely at ease. I love how comfortable it feels.

Come to think of it, a stay at Sereniti is like stepping into a different time-zone. A bubble of pure joy happiness and comfort

lovely sereniti house fireplace

Some of the best memories are made of simple nights like this. Nights with a group of friends spent playing a competitive game of cards, Jenga or darts, over a nice bottle of wine.

Alternatively, relax by the well-lit patio with a hot cup of tea and while taking in the sounds of the night

yoga sessions at seriniti house in naivasha
aerial view of sereniti house in naivasha

The morning proved even more magical, waking up to the chirping birds and a beautiful sunrise. The home sits along the wildlife corridor. So much so a birdwatchers paradise

I also had the opportunity to meet the owner. A yoga enthusiast and avid reader who effortlessly blends wisdom with youthful exuberance. She taught me some of her yoga moves that have now become part of my daily routine.

My time at Sereniti House was short-lived but yours shouldn’t be. Book the house for a weekend, month or even a year! Enjoy the birdlife, wildlife, and peace


Rent Sereniti house for 30000 KSH per day. It can accommodate a group of 8 people. Which means you pay 3750KSH per person

The rate per person on Bed & Breakfast per is 10,000 KSH

For Bookings, Inquiries & Directions Call +254 722 979771 / +254 700 310999 (Brenda)

Things to do in Naivasha

  • Take a boat ride on Lake Naivasha
  • See Flamingos on Lake Elementaita

More pictures of Seriniti House

master bedroom at sereniti house in naivasha
Master Bedroom (ensuite)
twin room at sereniti house in naivasha
Twin Room
bedroom at sereniti house in naivasha
Third Bedroom
Fourth Bedroom
bathroom at sereniti house in naivasha
Third Bathroom
a collection of books
a display of books in the library
Collection of books
a massage chair and couch in the library

chef showing roasting goat meat
comfortable rocking chair in living room
yoga sessions in naivasha
wanjiru njenga ta seriniti house
wanjiru njenga posing at sereniti house

Have you visited Naivasha and would you book a stay at Sereniti House?

I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment below


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