9 Brilliant Ways To Make Money In Kenya: 5000 Kes Daily!!


One thing’s for sure! Looking for a job in Kenya is basically a job in itself.I’m I, right? Or am I right! In fact after sending numerous CV through the top job websites with no luck. I came to the most logical conclusion.

The universe was out to have me broke and utterly miserable, for the rest of my natural life!

 In the meantime, trying a different approach at making money would suffice. Supposing you’ve had the same difficulties as me. Here are 9 brilliant ways of making extra money in Kenya. I’ve deliberately left out finding a sponsor on dating apps for obvious reasons. LOL!

1.Real Estate Agent


Finding your perfect house in Nairobi can be a daunting task. Not to mention having to deal with unscrupulous real estate agents who can drive you insane!

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or college. An incredible way of making money at absolutely no start-up cost is in real-estate. Firstly, once you happen to spot empty houses around your area. You can either

  • Approach the owner, negotiate a price to manage the property as well as find residents
  • Take pictures/videos of the houses, post on Facebook and charge people a small viewing fee

Let’s do the math…Supposing you charge

500 KES*10 (people) = 5,000 KES daily

2.Social Media Manager /Marketer

With hundreds of online retail stores, brands and individuals vying to make their presence known. Digital marketing is another way of making money in Kenya. Purposefully reach out to find accounts that are in need of your services.

Conduct some research and come up with a solid Social Media Marketing plan. Clearly illustrate ways in which you would possibly grow their brand, presence online and help them reach wider audiences. Be sure not to give away all your secrets. SM Marketers make upwards of 40,000 KES. Just in case you choose to charge on a monthly basis and happen to manage ten accounts. This will be your monthly total

5000 KES *10 accounts =50,000 KES


When was the last time you did something and completely lost track of time?

We’re all blessed with natural talents. Although, figuring out what they are is quite difficult. Most experts suggest looking within yourself, asking close friends and family. Also trying out new things for example:-

3. Hair Dressing


In order to have a rough idea of how you can identify your passion. Check out Hair by Makanye and Crotchet by Christine’s’ inspiring success story on their journey in the hair industry on the  latest issue of Hairpolitan

4. Training/Rearing of Dogs

Making money as a dog trainer/ breeder

We can all agree, dogs are one of the most amazing creatures on earth! They’re not only adorable but way more loyal that some of our exes. Without proper training though, they can be a nuisance. So that’s where you come in.

Are you passionate about dogs?

How about doing some research on dog training. There are numerous videos on YouTube.Later practice on an available dog. Alternatively, you can choose to rear a certain breed, for example, a certified

German shepherd puppy goes for 30,000 KES or less and after a few months sell it for upwards of 60,000 KES 

5. Interior Decorator

Making money as an interior decorator

Are you creative? Do you enjoy working with colors, print, and patterns? If you answered Yes! you just might have a career in interior decorating. Go wild with your ideas…here are a few Wine bottle crafts or Ankara inspired sofa sets

I should point out that there’s a difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator. The former requires an Education.

6. Car Wash

One of the best money making businesses in Nairobi. Running a car wash is quite profitable as many Kenyans prefer having their cars washed.

What you’ll need are a constant water supply and some land, One can also include carpet cleaning services. If you clean 50 cars per day

50* 200 Ksh =10,000 KES daily


7. Sunflower and Honey

Making money as a sunflower farmer

Sunflower can be grown and used to make cooking oil, animal feeds and soaps. An additional advantage is that sunflowers attract bees. Hence with the installation of hives, one can generate even more money by selling honey.

  • Sunflowers can mature in 70-120 days 
  • one can harvest 3 times a year.

Bidco -East Africa’s leading cooking oil manufacture, has a deficit of sunflower, soybeans and maize. They are looking for 31000 farmers. Bidco signs an off-take contract with farmers. Who are paid immediately quality product is delivered. Sunflowers go hand in hand with honey.

Bidco buys a kg of sunflower at KES 33. An acre can produce 1350 kg

8. Chia Seeds

Making mobey as a chia seeds farmer

Did you know, recently, Chia wholesalers in Europe were sold out? Chia seeds are a superfood that is slowly gaining a market here in Kenya. Take advantage of this fact by starting a farm and increase your income.

Chia seeds grow in moderately warm weather. They don’t need fertilizer or pesticide to help them grow.

2 kilograms of chia seeds will be sufficient for a quarter acre. At the end of 3 months you will harvest 75 kg. Each Kg retails at 2000ksh.

75 kg*2000ksh= Ksh 150000

Budget breakdown Cost
2 kg of Chia Seeds Ksh 4000
Labor Ksh 5000
TOTAL Ksh 9000

9. Poultry


Poultry farming consists of two major parts. One can rear

  • layers where the chicken bred also lay and produce eggs
  • broilers where the chicken are bred mainly for meat
Budget breakdown Cost
100 Chicks @ 65 Ksh 6,000
Starter 3@3100 Ksh 9,300
Finisher 3@4200 Ksh 12,600
Vaccine Ksh 200
TOTAL Ksh 28,100

100 chicken  @ 500 KES=50000

You can make a cool profit of 21400 KES assuming they all survive.

There are hundreds of legitimate ways of making money in Kenya.

Share with us some of the ways your making your extra cash…we’d love to know

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