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CONTINUATION Modern Coast 27 Hour Horrible Experience

The blackened surfaced and murky wet floor had definitely seen better days. It was evident, from a quick scan, that it would fall short at any attempt of counting the soles of shoes it had supported.

The whole environment has a strong unwavering scent of cholera mixed with tuberculosis with a slight dash of Ebola. 

It caters to both sexes, with urinals to the left and latrines to the right. At the far end lies an un-covered, medium-sized water container that acts as a sink.

This being the only source of water available to cleanse your hands while bound within the disease infested walls. The sink is manned by an attendant, who on request, pulls out a smaller sized plastic container, then proceeds to splash its contents on both you and the floor.

The whole environment has a strong unwavering scent of cholera mixed with tuberculosis with a slight dash of Ebola. You can pay for this one-of-a-kind experience at the border using either Rwandan Francs, Kenyan or Ugandan Shillings.

We’d just made our very first stop in Mbarara, Uganda. At a supermarket that also serves as a public washroom. While traveling by bus within East Africa; the state and type of washroom you’ll be subjected to, is all dependent on where the bus chooses to stop. So be prepared.( I really wish someone would come up with something so we can do away with having to use random washrooms)

I’ll admit that my current predicament with Cruella all stems from my weird obsession with washrooms. My brain and I love surprises; so much so that we made a game of discovering every new toilet. Then rank them from disgusting to hella disgusting!


Wait! What?


I had stepped out to purchase a snack for myself and Peter, my new Rwandan friend. A tall handsome light-skinned man who helped me move my luggage to the bus while at Kigali’s Modern Coast Office. He saw me deeply analyzing and calculating how I’d eventually maneuver my way through the crowd and he came and saved the day!

So I come back, only to realize the bus is completely full. The left side that is. Didn’t have my glasses on so couldn’t make out the tiny seat numbers plastered on the side of the bus. But I saw my Masai shuka.

Nothing really could have prepared me for the utter disrespect and attitude coming my way.

Amid their shouting and screaming, I got a sense that they were addressing me. Cruella, my mean-spirited plump Ugandan nemesis and her boy toy. I know it sounds strange but it took me a good minute to fully understand what was happening.

See, I was comfortable in my warm fuzzy bubble. I’d just woken up- hungry and confused. Yet here they were forcefully jerking me out to join them in the crazy world of show and tell.

I froze…

Modern Coast Bus isn’t strict on who gets on the bus anymore

At some point, everything felt like it was in slow motion. Maybe because I just stood there, watching her. The vigorous movement of her lips, how her arm would shake as she aggressively waved her ticket in my face. Now the movements slowed down into her seemingly fanning me.

The much I know is that they were demanding to see my ticket. Which I’d put in a “safe place” that I couldn’t remember. Typical me. So I was basically being set up to fail.

I hated how she insisted on dismissing me, creating a scene and shouting at me like I’d poured her Waragi. She began occasionally looking out the window, covering her face and shifting her ass on my seat. I assumed it was her way of making it abundantly clear that she had no intention whatsoever of vacating.

So I left.

Confrontations make me very uncomfortable. I avoid them at all costs. But when need be, I can “pretend be aggressive” …Lol, lies! I freeze

Most passengers preferred to mind their own business while my drama played out. I’d probably have done the same.


We had identical seat numbers on our tickets. Mine was from Kigali to Nairobi while hers from Mbarara to Kigali. Since Modern Coast Bus isn’t strict on who gets on the bus anymore. She saw a bus got on it moved my Masai shuka and prepared for a fight.

Meanwhile, Peter was busy saving the day. Peter is an electrician by profession; an expert in his field. He’s currently working in Karen btw …such a kind soul to be honest. So if you’re ever in need of some electrical work, hit me up for his number!

Is it weird that I secretly wished I knew she was on the wrong bus and let her think she’s won; just to find herself in Nairobi? OK …She’d eventually have figured out she was going in the wrong direction. But still.

Anyway, I got my revenge guys…by clicking very loudly as she was made to vacate my seat. OK, not that loud. Also, I waited until she was pretty far away to do it. She was scary and big.

In a nutshell, my entire trip comprised of a total 52 HOUR blend of sweat, forced sleep, drama disgusting toilets and boredom.

Would I do it again? 

Hell Yeah! Rwanda is an amazing country that must be on your travel list. Also, I discovered how beautiful Uganda is, even after all the drama.

Have you ever had a bad travel experience? I’d love to hear it! Let’s lament together. I encourage you to comment, share and subscribe.



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  1. Keep doing this! Looking forward to the next travel experience

  2. 🙂 🙂

    I absolutely love the descriptions and the clicking bit at the end. Must have been one of those clicks you do and then look around and wonder ‘WHO DID THAT’? (Assuming Cruella came back around).

    Been a while since I read this type of African content where the descriptions are so vivid and relatable. Love this piece very much!

  3. You are becoming so good at this with each post.. Always looking forward to the next one? it has become my TV Series looking forward for the next Episode.. And the suspense ?

  4. We had long journey …

  5. long journey indeed,good piece

  6. How do you write so well!! I loved everything about this post

  7. I must admit, I love how descriptive you are in your writing.. Like I could smell the Ebola just from reading about it ???

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