Need a break? Here’s how to deal with life’s struggles

dealing with life struggles

I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK LOVIEES!!!! HA! I’ve missed you all sooo much and i hope you’ve  missed me too.

It’s been three months since my last post, so I want to truly apologize for going MIA, I do promise to stick around this time. (BTW …I’m also doing this thing, were i pretend you were all severely heart-broken by my absence and your souls are now at ease) a girl can dream,No?


What Have I Been Up-to?

Well, to be completely honest, these past couples of months have been a bit rough and confusing for me. I can’t exactly pinpoint when I started feeling indifferent about everything around me. I guess, it started slowly then all at once.

Although this space was inherently intended to be fun and light, life itself isn’t always. It’s somewhat a roller-coaster with high-highs and low-lows. I suppose, sometime towards the end of March I got stuck somewhere within life’s low-lows that dragged on till only recently.


Have You Ever Strongly Felt You Needed a Break?

Pack up & head somewhere calm, far and serene on your own? Some open road perhaps?… where, by some twist of fate, you’d be able to concurrently find yourself and inner peace? I felt I needed that to somewhat feel whole again.


A beautiful rough road admist hills and trees
beautiful landscapes


Although in hindsight, quitting two jobs within weeks of starting kind of made that vacation harder to achieve. Well…truth is,I just didn’t care, even in this economy, it fully didn’t matter to me.

I had this overwhelming urge to seclude myself; my body didn’t exactly feel right and this thoroughly upset me. I knew I wasn’t happy, mostly from this constant feeling of emptiness from within. A nudging sense of purposelessness that morphed into some sort of painful hollowness in my chest. It mostly led to staying in bed.

Things that I’d normally care about felt utterly meaningless and taxing to do. I’d mean well while making plans to go out and meet up with friends then cancel last minute, mainly because, the mere thought of leaving the house already left me feeling completely exhausted and unenergetic. i was utterly worn out and didn’t understand why.


Good News Through!!!

I finally feel like myself again. Perhaps if you feel or have ever felt this way at any point, here are some things you can do-

Reach Out

Talk to someone about how you feel even if you don’t necessarily understand why you feel that particular way.It’s important to acknowledge that the people around you love and care about your well-being.You’re never alone.

Help others

Get in touch with your altruistic side and give back. This isn’t restricted to only giving back to your community.Although, that’s a large part of it. You should also help friends and family members – for me, helping my nephews set up a business, in turn, really helped me get out of the rut.

Practice self-love

Life is beautiful and so are you, so quit the social comparisons.There are numerous Kobi Kihara’s who can subconsciously give you unnecessary pressure so, if need be, try taking sometime off social media.

Notice the infinite blessing in your life and start appreciating each one. Also treat and pamper yourself as often as possible.Remember self love starts from within.


Spend time with someone who has a good sense of humor or brings out the best in you. Watching a funny movie too can work. I’ve re-watched bridesmaids like a gazillion!  times. i’m telling you it’s super awesome.

Listen to music

Good music can heal your soul and put you in an amazing mood. Within seconds you can be Dua lipa or Cardi B on the streets of Jamaica. It can work both ways, music can alleviate your mood or simply make a bad mood feel worse. So pay attention to the type of music you listen to as well.

Go for a walk

Nature has a way of healing your soul so spend time out doors. Go hiking on Ngong hills or Karura forest.Better yet take a walk around your estate with some awesome music.


The happiest of souls live in the present. ( I do apologize for over-using the word soul in this post though)

Kindly, remember to do you and what brings YOU the most joy! Perhaps also attend a wedding with your amazing S.O drink too much whisky! and dance your tiny tushy off! yaaaaiy!

ankara dress


Posing by the water
Best foot forward
Posing by the water
I didn’t get the memo to go easy on the whisky! Ha! Your girl out here channeling “all types of sexy”


Posing at the wedding
Collar bones on fleek lol


Sharing is Caring 🥳


I'm a bubbly free-spirit who loves all things nature, food and travel!

I believe that life is a journey - as clichè as it might sound ...and i don't take it too seriously.
My goal is to live my best life, by being brave and doing what truly makes me happy.
So join me as i do stuff lol!

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  1. Finally!!! Glad to have you back.

  2. I love how you keep it real with us,,kudos and remember not to disappear too much??

    1. I will…thanks for the encouragement ?

  3. You amaze me my sister. You should be a writer but first be a model you are amazing sweetie. Luv u

  4. we all feel this way sometimes! i love the way you described it…..i identify with it, its hard to explain sometimes, the emptiness so profound! glad to know you came out of it looking yummy! 🙂 hahha

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