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Here’s To New Beginnings!!

I recently got a request from a close friend of mine Ms Dorsila Ogola,the founder of  an incredible movement that focuses on women empowerment, candid and uplifting personal stories and a whole lot more.

She asked if I would be willing to participate in a week-long journal challenge answering some questions that were quite personal. I chose a question pertaining to fear;

“if your fears had a voice what would they say?”

At first,I regretted choosing this particular one but decided to go with it. Partly because my indecision can get annoying at times, I hadn’t seen her in a long while…And! I just wanted to share a meal and catch up.

( P.S I wouldn’t recommend having meat from Cafe Deli in town, the one near Hilton, cause both our meals made us sick, like the loo is your freaking bestie type of sick!!Yes)

When I think of fear and all the opportunities that I’ve let pass by because of being afraid to fail, being afraid to be ‘seen’ or judged, afraid to be myself and truly live, it’s both sad and encouraging.

A lot of us feel this way; the only difference is some choose to thrive while others are crippled by it. At some point, as you get older you realize that (as cliche as it might sound) life is short and truly meaningless, this may vary depending on your belief system, spirituality & religion. I believe that it is and it’s our life’s purpose to find or make meaning out of in it.

Personally, this is my way of conquering my recent fear of putting out content, or rather starting. If you’re reading this it means that this post saw the light of day!!! Lol and I finally posted my first…happy dance!!!

I’m a pretty chill, open, happy person, sometimes too open for life .I’m in love with all things yellow, sunshine in a box! ( I have no idea what that means but it sounds cutesy and festive).

I make most of my MAJOR life decisions on a toilet seat, there’s just this feeling of freedom, solitude and relief that comes with it, maybe it’s just me, what about you? Where’s your most cherished place? Share with me , I’d love to know…

Lastly, I don’t take life too seriously; Well, I guess that’s me in a nutshell.

This blog is about healthy living, love and relationships and affordable travel destinations.I’ll share the little knowledge I have on these topics, don’t expect them to dramatically change your life but if they do, that would be amazing!!


No to fear
X’s and O’s

On the latter, lol I’m far from a guru but I will share what I know, reasons why moving in with your bf shortly after meeting might not always end well and more!!

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sun & shine

Sharing is Caring 🥳


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