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Lemon Valley Farm- Romantic Weekend Getaway

Lemon Valley Farm is simply breathtaking. Set on a 30 acre piece of fertile land. It exudes a mix of subtle romantic charm with a hint of modern flair.

Crimson Cabin would be my space for the night. A cozy secluded, brick-red galvanized steel cabin on the slopes of Kasambara hills. Its cemented floor carries a queen size bed with an African themed duvet cover, a study table, and a door leading to the bathroom,

While all six walls on the inside are lined with shimmery honey-hued wooden planks. Making it intimate and practical.


Standing on the porch of what would be my room for the night, I could almost taste the freshness of the crisp Elementaita air.

Through the large windows, the surrounding greenery captures my attention. My eyes quickly travel over the middle sized trees and shrubs and instinctively settle on the cartoon-shaped Lake Elementaita.

You will love how calm it is. Enough to make all your worries disappear and rearrange your thoughts.

Country-side Charm


We arrived at Lemon Valley Farm at Midday, having departed Nairobi at 8 AM. A typically 3-hour drive,took longer after adhering  to the unsaid cardinal rule of plying the Nairobi- Nakuru highway. Making a selfie pit stop at the Rift Valley Viewpoint and shortly after at the Buffalo Mall Naivasha.

A minivan driven by Manu (a funny and stubborn human who, after a lot of convincing, eventually agreed to be my photographer for the day, Thanks Manu)

Our  trip in honor of Mother’s day turned out pretty great. There were high highs and lows, when one . of the sessions turned emotional as the ladies shared memorable moments of their mothers. Arguably the interactive sessions brought everyone much closer,turning strangers into friends.

At around 4 pm the group left and I stayed on, ready to conquer my first night alone in Elementaita.

Where is it?


Tucked away in the heart of Soysambu Conservancy is the Farm-Estate. A romantic weekend getaway spot that lies between Naivasha and Gilgil on Kasambara Hills.

It’s easily accessible by both private and public means.  And before you ask…no, despite the name. It isn’t a valley filled with lemons rather horses, donkeys, cows, and adorable dogs.

Why Visit Lemon Valley Farm?


It’s the sort of place that inspires wonder and solitude. Art lovers will appreciate it’s romantic vibrant color scheme from the onset.

There are hilarious pun intended writings throughout the Farm, guaranteed to inspire a laugh or two as well.

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”

― Luciano Pavarotti


True to its name, the Frog and Toad canteen is decorated with sculptures, vibrant African themed throw pillows, a dining area, lounge chairs, fireplace, and a golden antique telescope.

Enjoy an epic view of a vast landscape leading up to the sleeping warrior and Lake Elementaita while teasing your palate with delicious meals. ( all produce is sourced and grown on the farm)

It’s evident that Nancy, the owner, threw her heart and soul into creating this gem. The attention to detail is uncanny. I was lucky to meet her as she was winding up her better half’s birthday party.

Her aura, kindness and bubbly personality played a major part in why I ended up falling in love with the Farm. She truly made me feel completely at home.


Who is it for?

If any of these points resonate with you. Then you ought to book your stay or head over for a day of relaxation!

You want to get away but don’t have the budget or time for a vacation

  • Looking to disconnect and take a mini-break that isn’t too far from home
  • Looking for a group or solo trip
  • Need to create some sort of balance between life and work
  • Seeking a romantic weekend getaway in Elementaita with your better half
  • Scouting for a beautiful wedding venue locations near Nairobi
  • Fun family vacation or Sunday brunch



What activities are available?

  • Swimming
  • Horse Riding
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Bird Watching
  • Kids Play area
  • Quad Biking
  • Trip to Elementaita hot springs and the sleeping warrior


weekend getaway in elementaita lemon valley farm


  • Carry warm clothing as it gets chilly at night (socks, a hoodie)
  • It’s cheaper to book a cabin through the Lemon Valley farm website
  • Sunsets in Elementaita are a sight to behold – the sky transforms into a swirl of deep orange hues. You really don’t want to miss a sunset in Elementaita
  • Ask for the salad, I’m not certain whether it comes down to the fact that everything is grown at the farm but the salad is amazing
  • Breakdown
  • A night at the cabin cost Ksh 4000 ( if you book from the website)
  • Meals cost between 300-1000KSH and portions are quite generous
  • Mololine to Nairobi costs Ksh 500 bob
  • Motorcycle from Lemon Valley a nearby bus stop is Ksh 100

Considering I was picked by a Mololine Bus company from the stage closest to Lemon Valley Farm. I have to say, Ken, the Assistant Manager really came through for me. After I mentioned back seats scare me, he went out of his way to secure me a front seat, which was really amazing.

View of lake Elementaita




Are you looking for a romantic weekend getaway in Naivasha- Nakuru, search no more. Lemon Valley will do the trick




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