Solo Staycation Ideas In Nairobi ( less than 3,000Ksh)

Have you been longing for an affordable staycation within Nairobi? A much needed escape from your responsibilities where you’ll put your feet up, order in some good food, open a bottle of wine and binge watch ultimatum on Netflix?

Well, with the currently hiked fuel prices due to its shortage. This is definitely the best time to book that staycation in Nairobi with Yemo Stays . They’ve got a wide variety of vacation homes in Kenya to choose from.

Whether its a couples getaway, work or solo staycation, here are are 4 Affordable solo vacation Airbnbs Within Nairobi we’ve gathered just for you 😀

  • South B
  • Kilimani
  • Westlands
  • Karen

Cosy 1 Bedroom

South B Apartment

3299Ksh (1649 Pps)

each person pays 1649ksh

1 Bedroom apartment in South B, Nairobi. Comfortably accomodates 2 people at 3299ksh per night for entire house

For Enquiries Contact

Yemo Stays on WhatsApp

+254 737 613 645

Kilimani Studio Apartment


3,999Ksh Per Night (1,999Ksh Pps)

each person pays 1999ksh

Unwind for only 3,999ksh per night at this Kilimani Studio Apartment that can fit two people

Enjoy free access to a gym, swimming pool and sauna within the apartment premises.

For Enquiries Contact:

Yemo Stays on WhatsApp +254 737 613 645

El’s Luxury Studio Apartment

Kilimani, Nairobi

4,499Ksh Per Night

Enjoy this luxurious studio apartment located in Kilimani at only 4499ksh per night for the entire home.

For Enquiries Contact:

Yemo Stays on WhatsApp +254 737 613 645

Westlands 1 Bedroom Apartments

5,999Ksh Per Night

A quite, secluded apartment in Riverside perfect for couples, work and solo staycation

For Enquiries and bookings Contact:

Yemo Stays on WhatsApp +254 737 613 645

Rustic Karen 1 Bedroom Cottage

11999Ksh Per Night

5999 Pps

each person pays 5999ksh

It’s said to save the best for last. We highly recommend this cottage nestled within Karen. To learn more about it click here

Are you looking for accommodation within Kenya for a weekend getaway, girls trip, company retreat, solo or couples getaway?

Trust Yemo Stays to find you the perfect airbnb rental within your budget.

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