havila resort weekend getaway

The Havila Resort, Sagana- Weekend Getaway

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It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon when we finally arrive at Havila Resort. A smooth one and a half hour drive using the Nairobi- Nyeri highway.


I live for Saturday’s like this. Saturday’s made up of sunshine, happiness, and the open road. Arguably the best day for a weekend or family getaway within our Kenyan borders.


Havila Resort, Sagana

havila resort weekend getaway

havila resort weekend getaway



I’d been looking forward to this weekend getaway so my excitement was at an all-time high.


Right off the bat, one will truly appreciate the signage on both sides of the highway. This eliminates the agony of driving back and forth or seeking directions from strangers. It’s also easily accessible by public transportation which is pretty amazing.

havila resort sagana weekend gwetaway



Havila is a haven of sorts. Judging from the rich emerald green landscape, natural waterfall and wide range of bird species at the establishment.


What will immediately strike you, is the depth of its breathtaking greenery and scenery. Perfect for a proposal, themed baby shower, cocktail party, company retreat, wedding! The list is endless.


havila resort sagana weekend getaway



Its structures blend seamlessly with nature. Notably, the Barizi restaurant which is made of brown hardwood planks that edge slightly over a cliff; opening up to a magnificent view of the Kenyans untamed beauty. ( the Kirengete Falls and Gatiri Hills!)  

havila resort weekend getawayhavila resort weekend getaway





“The Havila Experience”

Enjoying a meal with Kirengete falls as your backdrop is insane!

I would highly recommend the nyama ya mbuzi ( goat meat). It’s totally worth the wait as all meals is made from scratch with each guest in mind. The staff is warm and welcoming. Especially Eric, a tall well-built Luhya man who spreads immense joy with his infectious laugh. ( you’ve got to hear him laugh)


havila resort sagana weekend gwetaway

havila resort sagana weekend gwetaway


Home Away From Home

Whether you want to take a pillow out and bask in the Sagana sun, request your meals to be had down by the waterfall or throw a party by the island.

Havila Resort allows you the luxury to do as you please. Unlike many establishments.

They’ve chosen to take on a different approach toward the amount of freedom a guest is accorded. I found this quite intriguing. This unique approach will leave you feeling completely at home within the 100 acres of land. I loved it, so much so I didn’t want my stay to come to an end.




havila resort sagana weekend getaway


As you know, Sagana is Kenyans hub for all things adrenaline. In fact, Havila Resort will have the second largest zip line in Kenya. 


I literally can’t wait to be among the first people to try it out. Its gonna be epic, exhilarating and hella scenic. As it will run over the entire landscape including the waterfall! Other activities include


  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Camping
  • Archery
  • Ziplining
  • Fishing
  • Luna Park
  • Birdwatching
  • White water rafting
  • Waterfall slide
  • Swimming (under construction)




havila resort sagana weekend getaway

Tent or hotel room?

Certainly camping under the night sky with a river roaring inches away is more than exciting.

  • Interestingly for only 2500 KSH, you get a comfortable tent, mattress a nice hot shower and coveted view of the beautiful Island with a seasonal river that meanders through the property.


  • Bed and breakfast at the hotel (I mean a huge finger-licking breakfast which will only cost you 5500ksh!)


I know right?! It’s insane how affordable and accessible this breathtaking getaway is. Even better is your hotel room view that overlooks the vast forested landscape and raging Kirengete falls.




havila resort sagana weekend getaway

The best part about this trip for me was I finally got the chance to finish my book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. 


There’s something about being surrounded by dense trees, and the sweet melodious sound of chirping birds. Away from the usual daily distractions. It’s both soothing and refreshing.



Havila will allow you to kick back, unwind and reconnect. I highly recommend it as your next weekend getaway destination.  Thank me later?😊🙈


CALL 0719 255 005/0715 255 007


havila resort sagana weekend getaway



Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway

Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway

Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway

Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway HAVILA RESORT SAGANA WEEKEND GETAWAY

Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway Havila Resort sagana weekend getaway


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