Things They Don’t Tell You About Graduation!

Graduation is a big deal. Especially for your parents and guardians. More so, if you put yourself through school, like many of us. It’s time to celebrate your sacrifice and achievements. Say goodbye to assignments, “mwa-kenyas”, fake group discussions and tuition.

“It was a SCAM!”

I never pictured myself joining the university. I had an awesome plan, or so I thought! After sending numerous applications. I finally landed my ultimate travel job! Waaah! Life! The excitement was a literal understatement

My 19-year-old self-learnt a new language! got a passport. I mean the whole shebang. You should have seen me bragging about getting a job with so-so. I couldn’t believe I’d be those fine ass mama’s pulling suitcases at the airport. Who looks like they strictly swim in cocoa butter and perfection; with smiles that could easily light up an entire planet. In case of an alien invasion, that is. Well, long story short. It was a SCAM!



Back to Graduation, so I enrolled. After opting to miss out on my first graduation. I couldn’t sit this one out too. Here are things they don’t tell you about graduation

Carry an Umbrella

Most Kenyan universities will not invest in a tent for its graduates. I dunno about USIU. Probably a sly attempt at preparing one for the harsh realities of life.My fren! If you don’t want your entire being to melt in that enormous gown. Carry an Umbrella. We didn’t.

Your Family Will be More Excited

I’ve never seen my sister that excited about anything. I figured by the time they got to Meru.Their energy would have simmered down after the 5-hour trip. Clearly, that was not the case!

Bring a Change of shoes

Don’t be the person falling over yourself in front of everyone. Aren’t you supposed to be learned? (This is way funnier with a Luo accent, try It!) Although I keep getting a Ugandan one in my head.



Throwing the Cap

From all the movies we’ve been subjected to, this is the most memorable part. Although, I didn’t get a chance to do this.

Then again, what’s the point? Who’ll take that photo mid-event? Then two seconds later you’ve lost it. There you are following up with admin paying for more stuff. Although this would be great after the event.

Sleep Early

Rest assured that you’ll have a long day. It felt to me like an “education” wedding. The day is all about you, the most important people in your life are present. You look bomb!

I especially loved the room my friends mum got for us. God bless her soul for including me in their family adventure.

The bed was literally life. Although I barely slept.Again,” education wedding”.Check out my Meru 3 steers hotel review 



My graduation day will definitely go down as one of the days I’ll never forget. ( did this give you composition vibes Btw? Memories )

Purely because of all the love I was shown.I’ve never been the centre of attention in that kind of way. My fam and s.o went above and beyond. Taking time off work, travelling for 11 hours straight and still partying the night away!

My best part was cake and my wig falling off on the dance floor. I have such a tiny egg-shaped head. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. On the flip side, my old soul took 3 days to fully recover.



Did your graduation day live up to expectations? I’d love to hear from you. Share your experiences in the comments below.




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