valentines gifts for her kenya

It’s a Pink Valentine! Gifts For Her

Speaking as a proud woman with large Luhya man feet. I’ll admit that i suffer a lot  (Yes…I’m half Luhya).

If you happen to be in the same category of ginormous feet harbourers then you understand the challenge that comes with shoe thrifting. It’s often more of a gamble, as if we’re being punished. Mostly because all the nice shoes come in tiny cute sizes

valentines gift for her


Here’s the thing…Not only was I blessed with large man feet but, bulging angry veins and long skinny ass toes with hinges on each one. I’ll say hinges cause they look like they can comfortably support an entire door. So finding a comfortable shoe to stuff the entirety of my 7-7.5 shoe size has always a challenge.

So when I came across this amazing online store named Tique a Bou I was beyond overjoyed. They have next day delivery and by next, I mean the guys from Fargo Courier were at my doorstep by 8 am. I kid you not.




This particular shoe is not only comfortable but stylish. It goes with an everyday look, particularly a cute pair of jeans. I love the pink and the subtle glitter embedded in the shoe. I’m glad I chose pink cause it makes my feet look so girly and presentable.

Bless your loved on this Valentines and simultaneously cushion your pocket with the discounted rate. Head over to now to Tique a Bou NOW.

Go for it! Make a grand Valentine’s gesture today.

Make your purchase using the promo code wanjirusworld  and get a 10% DISCOUNT.

Hurry while stocks last.

valentines gift for her kenyavalentine gift for her kenya

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