When I Was Young & Dumb. Don’t Be Like Me

Some time back, I made a thoughtless decision to live on my own in one of Nairobi’s posher areas. Some would call it a Loft, others a studio apartment but in reality, it was just an overpriced bedsitter with a faulty shower, a crook for a landlord, and very nosey neighbors

Regardless, it had beautiful pine wooden floors that glistened when hit by the afternoon Nairobi sun, a massive outwardly curved window that ran from the floor to ceiling, and a miniature kitchenette that mostly housed my favorite whisky at the time (American honey) does it still exist though?

PSA: someone buy me a bottle for old times sake🤗

Anywaaaay, with the knowledge of my desperate need to find a place in close proximity to my new job; the sleazy, short, light-skinned caretaker casually mentioned I was at risk of losing the “boujee” loft I  hadn’t gotten a chance to see yet.

The intense back and forth between mind and heart lasted a whole 10 minutes then shortly after I  secured this “catch of a house” I still hadn’t seen.

Despite the dumb move I did move in the following week!  I know. I know … you thought this was a con story but much later, in the end, I still got conned out of my rent and deposit.

I suppose my recent trip to Western Kenya made me realize just how much I miss my own space. Despite disliking the actual travel process.

Anyway! Back to YOU in studio 🎙

If you ever find yourself in Kisumu and need a studio apartment or 1 bedroom apartment reach out to Yemo Stays @yemo_stays Instagram to book this gorgeous apartment. I have done due diligence FOR YOU! I stayed at this studio hosted by a lady named Dorcas. She was absolutely lovely and so was her brother.

Thank me later.

Sharing is Caring 🥳


I'm a bubbly free-spirit who loves all things nature, food and travel!

I believe that life is a journey - as clichè as it might sound ...and i don't take it too seriously.
My goal is to live my best life, by being brave and doing what truly makes me happy.
So join me as i do stuff lol!

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  1. Great writing l fell down the rabbit hole and just couldnt stop going down it..congrats on this btw and keep doing what ur doing

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the read

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