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6 Epic Ziplining Locations in Kenya (Prices & Directions)

Dive into a world of delightful sensory overload as you fly, glide, zipline! Over and above Kenya’s spectacular landscape. Whether you prefer a short quick thrill or a full-on experience. This 6 epic ziplining locations will fully quench your thirst for adventure leaving you with a lifetime worth of memories.


So reach out to family, friends and even colleagues and prepare for an exhilarating, terrifying and fulfilling experience! ( insert confetti lol)


6 Ziplining Locations in Kenya


  1. The Forest, Kereita
  2. Savage Wilderness Camp, Sagana
  3. People’s Park, Machakos
  4. Kompass, Ngong Forest
  5. The Dam Hill, Limuru
  6. Bofa Beach Resort, Kilifi



The Forest, Kereita

Kereita is located in Kimende town about an hour from Nairobi using the Nairobi- Naivasha highway. One is advised not to use google maps as it properly misleads you.


Kereita, The Forest has the longest zip line in Kenya featuring a broken span of 2.2KM (This includes 6 zip lines with the longest being 430m)

ziplining locations in kenya



  • All payments are made via Mpesa
  • It’s advisable to book activities prior to visiting Kereita forest, especially on Saturdays (it’s a busy day)
  • Entry Fee to the Kereita Forest is 200KSH for adults


Ziplining charges at Kereita are as follows

  • 2 lines @1800 Ksh
  • 6 lines @2800Ksh

Times spent on all 6 lines amounts to 1 hour 30 minutes and includes a bit of hiking as you move from one line to the next.


Directions to Kereita Forest

Directions from Nairobi

  • Take the Nairobi -Naivasha Highway
  • Drive on from Westlands (Waiyaki Highway ) and drive along the highway past Limuru, Uplands Town past the View Point at the bend where there is a view of Rift Valley. Drive on until you get to Kimende Total Petrol Station on Your Left.
  • You’ll see a sign on your left for Total Kimende petrol station.
  • Turn left at Total Kimende Petrol station at the road right next to it
  • Go behind Total Petrol station, turn right and Go under the Overpass (the drive over)
  • You’ll see The Forest sign showing you to turn right after the UNDERPASS
  • Turn left at ST. Peter the rock catholic church ( you’ll see the forest sign )
  • Drive on until you get to The Lari Sub County offices, then turn left at the Tarmac Road ( you’ll see the Forest signpost)
  • This is the second crossroad
  • Drive on to the narrow tarmac road, past Munyaka primary school on your right and past the KWS  gate with the Rhino fixture then follow the gravel road to the end.




Savage Wilderness Camp, Sagana

zip lining locations in Kenya


Sagana is a leading tourist destination for all things adrenaline. In fact, I had my very first experience here before moving on to Kereita Forest. Simply put, I hated every minute leading up to it. Entirely because of my fear of heights and wild imagination.


Savage Wilderness Camp zip line goes over River Tana at 130 meters high, 120 meters long. It has one of the most scenic views and has other activities too e.g swimming kayaking, bungee jumping, and even water rafting.


Also read: Havila Resort, Sagana- Weekend Getaway



700 KSH per person ( minimum of two people and a maximum of 30)


Directions to Savage Camp

Directions from Nairobi,

  • Drive along the Thika Road (A2 – superhighway) for 95km.
  • Drive past Thika and Makutano (Muranga junction) and cross over the Sagana/Tana River bridge.
  • Drive past the Embu/Meru junction and towards Sagana/Nyeri.
  • We are 6km from the Embu/Meru junction towards Sagana, there’s a signpost( quite hidden) right after the petrol station on your left.
  • Turn left at the sign and drive straight down the dirt road for 1.5km until you get to our camp.



ziplining locations in kenya

Machakos People’s Park

Machakos county is well known for its huge chapatis at T Tot restaurant and the infamous Masaku 7’s (lol) Currently another reason to visit this beautiful county is to enjoy the breathtaking views of Machakos People’s park while gliding 30m above the ground.

Machakos is an hour away from Nairobi & one has a choice between a 300m line and 200m line at only 500ksh



The Kompass, Ngong

Ngong Hills is one of those places just a stone throw away, where you can quickly escape taking in the fresh crisp air.



Entry to the Ngong Forest is 200 KSH

Ziplining at The Kompass is only 1000 KSH at Kompas in Ngong hills, you will get a chance to zip line along the 200 meters stainless steel cable.



Take a matatu to Ngong town (from Railway stage) and while in Ngong town take boda-boda. Don’t forget to take a telephone number of boda-boda driver who can come for later.

Alternatively, take the Southern bypass then get onto Ngong Road towards Ngong Town


The Red Hill Dam, Limuru

Described as a home away from home, Red hill offers an exciting experience across their man-made dam. It’s also only, 15 Km away from the CBD.

At Ksh. 2500 enjoy a two way Zipline experience. For bookings call 254 723 273 914




The Bofa Beach Resort, Kilifi

zip lining in kenya locations

When you get tired of taking in the sun by the beach, spice up the rest of your day at Bofa Beach Resort.

For KSH 1500 per session enjoy a zip lining experience among other activities.



  • Longer shorts, or pants and t-shirts that can be tucked in, so you’re more comfortable in a harness
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Remove any dangling jewelry and rings before arriving
  • Bring a camera! (Make sure it has a strap so you can secure it)



Posture! Posture! Posture

To ensure you do not get stuck midway, strive to curl up like a ball. Legs tucked towards your chest and upper body tilted backward

Smaller bodied people always get stuck

This is a myth, again it’s all about posture ( allow me to brag, I’m quite small and I made it through all the 6 zip lines at Kereita. It was amazing!)

Pay Attention

Prior to ziplining, instructors will give you a list of do’s and don’ts. Pay close attention. All in all, ziplining is quite safe and an awesome way to face your fear of heights. Also, remember to have fun!






Thank you for reading lovies! Are you going to try this activity soon? Speaking of which, what’s on your 2019 bucket list?

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment down below! Your comments go a long way to support my blog, thank you!


Cover Picture by Andrew Thuku (IG: AndrewThuku )



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As a first time Zipliner (if that's even a word😂) being advised not to miss the rope at the end or else I'd have to UNHOOK myself and drop into the water than may or many not have crocodiles lurking in it did it for me!😥😥 I was seconds from throwing up! Literally my stomach was having none of it. Yani have you ever regretted every decision leading up to something?😂 I Have!😂😂😂Not to mention the instructors taking advantage of my nervousness to scare the shit out of me It was a short distance but rest assured, it's all fun and games until you come face to face with a thin stainless steel cable, water & the possibility of having to swim in a crocodile infested river. (Now I realise the irony in this statement) Oh and forgive the rambling. I was super nervous! The minute I made a 360 turn and the possibility of not coming back around in time to grab the rope happened. I panicked! Anyway I finally did It! I ziplined😊 #bucketlist

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